English Springer Spaniel Growls

Hello, We have had our eleven year old English Springer Spaniel Corky since he was eight weeks old. Since Corky was very young he has showed dominant behavior growling when someone walks into the room and he is eating, sometimes when my husband or I would go into the bedroom and the other was sleeping etc. We have found ways to get his behavior to change.

However, now he is growling at our 2 1/2 year old grandson. We have to sometimes put Corky in a bedroom while they are visiting because of this. It happens every single time are grandson is at our home. When our grandson was one - one and a half years old he and Corky got along fine but then are grandson started to sometimes hit
Corky not knowing any better and that is when the problem began.

Now that our grandson is 2 1/2 years old he wants to be friends with Corky but Corky seems to be afraid of our grandson understandably so. Separating them is a temporary fix but is not fixing the real problem.

My husband is very afraid Corky is going to bite our grandson. I myself am very nervous and would never ever feel comfortable leaving them in the room alone together. Is there anything we can do to correct this problem? Corky is like one of our children we love him very much but of course our grandson comes first! If you have any advise please help us. Thanks in advance.

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi there
I am sorry you are having this trouble, Is you Springer Neutered? I had this issue with George when my children arrived and it really helped.

Failing that I would contact your local vet and ask them to recommend an animal trainer / behaviourist to help you

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