English Springer Spaniel not playing well with one paticular dog

by Christine
(Vail, AZ)

I take my 2-year old English Springer Spaniel, Dude, to my sisters quite frequently. My sister has a very loving and gentle pitt bull, Chica, and a small sweet chicauaua and dashound mix, Dillan. Dude loves and plays constantly with Chica. But with Dillan, he corners him, snarls at him and tries to block Dillan and Chica's food dish so Diallan can't eat. (I feed Dude separately from the other dogs) Dude doesn't do any of this to Chica.

Any suggestions? It is at the point I can't bring him to my sisters' anymore because it upsets Dillan so much.

Thank you

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi Christine
I am so sorry you are having this issue. I myself and not sure what to suggets but I hope we will get some advice from other readers and I will post this link on other springer forums to see if we cannot get you some help in resolving it.

Good luck

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