The English Springer Spaniel

When you think of Springers, English Springer Spaniels are usually the first to come to mind.

If you want a dog that will go everywhere with you, and want to be involved in everything you do, then the English Springer Spaniel may be the right choice for you.

This breed love people, in fact I am convinced they think they are human. They will spend most of their day trying to be with you, and will always sit at your feet, just as our George and Mungo usually do, preferring to sit on our feet in order to get a close as possible to us.

English Springer Spaniel


Their loyalty is unending, and their playful nature means that they don't mature until their body can no longer behave like they want to. However I don't see that as a draw back, in fact its part of the charm of the English Springer, they remain English Springer Spaniel puppies for as long as possible.

Their willingness to please and their capacity as quick learners make them an affectionate and loyal dog. This excellent nature and desire to please also makes them a perfect family pet as they are fantastic with kids. My three year old son and two year old daughter are slowly becoming best friends with George, even if, with all the tail and ear pulling that he receives, George doesn't quite realize it yet! George is also very good around my 6 month old baby nephew, who clearly already adores him. Despite all that George puts up with, he always lies by their beds at bedtime.

As a very sociable breed, they enjoy the company of other dogs and animals, except birds; after all they are trained to hunt and flush game. They have a passion for water and will get their paws wet at any opportunity. Added to which they are complete mud magnets, if you are going to Choose a Springer then can I suggest you invest in lots of towels!

They are a highly energetic breed and therefore require a lot of exercise. If they do not receive this then they can become destructive. One of the most common things I am asked in the FAQs section is related to destructive behavior and usually it turns out that the dog in question was not getting enough exercise. So if you are taking on a Springer, be sure you can dedicate enough time to take them out on a regular basis. If a dog is not getting the stimulation it needs, both physically and mentally, then they will take to behaving like an Exocet missile and take your house apart.

This hyperactive, yet exceptionally loyal and loving, breed is one of the oldest working origins and was first bred in the 1800s. The Spaniel is the all rounder of Gun Dogs, as it can hunt, point, spring and retrieve game, which is one of the reasons that the English Springer working dog is the preferred working companion of game keepers. Its strength and agility means that it can navigate through thick brambles with relative ease, and its love of water means that no terrain is off limits to the Springer.

As a working breed, I highly recommend reading my English Springer Training guide, as I feel that it is essential for this breed given their love of both work and play. A majestic looking animal that comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, check out the English Springer pictures we have collected so far to see the great dogs in their full glory.


English Springer Spaniel in the brush

Although a tough working breed, they do have their health issues that nearly every pure-bred breed faces.

They tend to be prone to upset tummies, so you should ensure that they get the right diet and that you choose the right dog food so that you know what is in your dog food.

As with many athletic dogs, English Springer Spaniels can be prone to Hip Dysplasia. However this is a condition that can be easily managed. If you are considering adopting your English Springer Spaniel, ask the breeder about the history of this condition on both sides of the breeding lines.

Springers are also prone to Congenital Eye Problems, however English Springer Spaniel breeders need to have their dogs checked before they breed from their dogs and bitches, which should reduce your risk.

They are also a breed that can be affected by Rage Syndrome sometimes known as Springer Rage Syndrome. This is an extremely rare condition where the dog attacks suddenly. However, fortunately it only affects very few dogs. As far as I am aware, it has only been reported in Show lines; pure-bred field lines have not been affected.


The English Springer build is athletic, to suit a dog that is designed to work all day. The eyes should be bright, alert and engaging, displaying signs of affection and trust. The English Springer's ears are larger than the Welsh Springer Spaniel and have a more rounded base.

The English Springer Spaniel comes in three colors. Firstly liver and white, which is the most common image of English Springers. Secondly they also come in black and white; finally Spaniels can be black, white and tan (otherwise known as the Tri-Colored Spaniel). The Tri-Colored Spaniel is very rare and highly sought after. In fact my dog George, a liver and white Springer had two sisters in his litter that were Tri Colored, which is very rare indeed.

The English Springer can be split into two separate breeding lines. The show line, whose features tend to be that of a slightly larger and heavier-boned dog; and the working line, which is smaller and more agile than the show dog, these two lines have been separated for over 70 years. However as their temperament is pretty much the same, they both make excellent family pets. My Spaniel, George, pictured above is from the working line, whereas Mungo, my parents' Spaniel, is from the show line and is a heavier set dog.

The show line of the Springer tends to have longer, fluffier coats that require more grooming, whereas the field line have shorter, coarser coats to protect them as they are working in the brush.


Both lines of the English Springer Spaniel average 17-20 inches (46-51 cm) in height, and weigh on average 43-55 lb (23-25 kg). The sex of the dog is also relevant, with the Male Springer being larger and heavier.

Is an English Springer Spaniel right for you?

Taking on any dog is a full time commitment, regardless of whether you get one from one of the many English Springer Spaniel Rescue organizations, or if you decide to adopt an English Springer Puppy.

So, with that in mind, I have pulled together my own guide to help you decide Is an English Springer the right choice for you?

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