Exercising a Springer with troubled Knees and Hips

by Ginny

We are the proud owners of a 3 1/2year old field springer which we rescued from a bad situation two years ago. He has been having trouble with his hips and knees and the vet has put him on glucosomine and metcam later being hard on his stomach.

He is also a a grazer so putting meds in his food is out of the question. We were told to limit his exercise (he has never been tied we live on a small lake) and it is very difficult as he loves to chase any small creature (never catches) and will put up partridge on our morning walk.

Am I doing his harm and how do I keep him with moderate exercise? We have never had such a loyal, friendly, loves our grandchildren....dog. Any suggestions would be appreciated and feed back on these meds he is on. Thanking you in advance

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi Ginny
Thanks for getting in touch.

Getting Springers to take their meds can be tough. If it is a tablet put it in the middle of a piece of cheese, meatball or sauage that usually does the trick. If not open their mouth by rolling his lips over the teeth and force the jaw apart (it doesn't hurt them, just gets them to open their mouth. Then place the tablet at the back of the throat. Hold the moth shut and rub their through as it will make them swallow.

Glucosamine is great for joint issues, I myself religiously take it having had several knee operations and being a runner it takes its toll so the Glucosamine makes a real difference. As for metacam, I am no vet but I have had it prescribed for George and it has worked wonders for him.

Its tough when you have to limit their exercise. what I would say is try swimming. Springers just love it and it takes considerably less toll on the joints. When I was recovering from my Knee operations I would be in the pool within a week and it kept me fit with no risk to my joints.

Start by throwing a ball in the water for them to retrieve, they soon learn the joy of Swimming.

I hope you don 't mind but I have added your query and this response to our FAQ section to help anyone else with a similar issue.

I hope this helps, let us know how you get on.

Best wishes

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Aug 30, 2009
Giving Large Glucosamine Pill
by: Cathy Hatfield

My boy Winslow gets a huge glucosamine pill every day. It takes me less than 2 minutes to grind it into a fine powder and then I mix it with enough peanut butter (about 1 tablespoon) to hide the powder. Some days I put it on a quarter of a piece of toast. Gone instantly. Some days I spread it on a wee plate and it takes about 3 minutes for him to lick up every last bit.
The reason I don't buy him powder or the liquid form is because I don't like them, and I take the same amount as him for my own knees, but I just prefer to swallow the thing whole.

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