Fear Aggression

Bad news fellow followers of the Springer Blog, I have been diagnosed with Fear Aggression. So, at the age of 4 years (or 21 in human years) it appears that my behavior is that of a much younger lad at the moment.

I have been growling at the children - mainly because the elder one just wants to pull my ears - and showing signs of fear aggression towards them, so mum has decided that she has to nip this behavior in the bud before it escalates.

(See, even mum has trouble with me. Despite writing a website about us springers, we still try to catch you guys out!)

Mum has decided the following course of action:

1. Neutering

springer spaniel picture

Yes I am going to lose my balls, I can sense all you boys out there crossing your legs with a tear in your eye as you empathize wholeheartedly with me. Dad is very upset my gonads are going but has conceded that it is better my balls than a child's face.

So I am currently on holiday with Mungo and grandma so I can have the op and recover without being pestered by the kids.

Removing my beloved testes will allow me to concentrate on just being a springer, I will have no responsibility or perceived responsibility so hopefully that will help to reduce the pressure on me.

2. Training

Mum realizes that despite all her experience with us springers it will be a great help to call in a professional to mentor the whole family, and get the balance right at home between me and the kids. That way I hope that I will build up my confidence with the kids as I know deep down they are fun.

So mum has engaged the services of Glen Heal a very well known and highly respected dog trainer in the UK. We also thought that, in case there may be other springers out there who are fear aggressive, that I will include details of my training in the blog to help anyone else troubled by the same problem.

So fingers crossed, I can build a bit of confidence with the kids and that Glen and mum can sort me out.

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