Fidget the Springer Spaniel

Fidget the Springer Spaniel is the newest member of our family. In a really wierd coincidence, her Great Grandad is George's Daddy. Although they share an ancestry, coming from similar lines, she is definitely the more outgoing of the two. We had been looking for a while and eventually knew we had found the right puppy when we came across a small family breeder in Wiltshire, England. They are called Hawkstrailer and we are absolutely smitten with her. She is perfect for our family as she was born into a family who had children and was thus socialised, which was important for us with 2 children.

Fidget just loves people, probably because she was so well socialised early on, and she insists on saying hello to everyone she can (which can make walks a little tricky) but its all part of her charm.

We have put together a slideshow full of some of the best photos of her, so you can make your own mind up and see if I am just being biased!! She is here in all her cute glory and hopefully we will continue to add more as we take them so keep coming back for your cuteness fix!

She is really great with our kids and spends most of her day racing round either the house or the garden with them. She also puts up with an awful lot, especially when the children have friends over to play, but she just loves the attention.

She is the most affectionate springer, especially when compared to our George, and will insist on sitting on my feet even when I am making supper which can be a little awkward at times but, in true springer fashion, she just wants to be involved in everything you do whilst keeping as close to you as possible.

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