Games for a springer spaniel

by Linda

My 1.5 yr old male springer is a real joy but we want to find a game, as you mentioned like throwing and retrieveing a ball or something, in order to exercise him when walks are not an option. However, whenever he gets a ball or toy in his mouth, he has no interest whatsoever of bringing it back to us, but rather walks and trots around carrying it in his mouth while chasing butterflies, or knats. How can we use this "need" of his to have something in his mouth to create a game for him that also doubles as a way to give him exercise?

from Anna@love-springer-spaniels

HI Linda
thats a tricky one when they don't bring it back. One game I do play with George that he loves is "seek it out". I hit small treats around the garden when he is inside and then release him and get him to snuffle them out. This works both inside and out and he just loves it.

If you don;t mind can I post your question on my FAQs page, maybe we can get you some more questions that way?

All the best

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Nov 11, 2013
Springer Spaniel Games NEW
by: Anonymous

Instead of getting him to come back to you, why not make a new game? My springer spaniel, Rocky, does this all the time. So I came up with a game that we both enjoy. I called it Keep-Away. All you have to do is try to get the ball back, and he trys to keep it away from you. It gets your dog and yourself exercise! It's basically the dog form of tag, but instead your always it and the ball is always the prize you have to get.

Mar 29, 2011
How to encourage your dog to return the ball
by: Anonymous

We got our springadour from Battersea and he brings the ball back every time! The way they advised us to train him, was to have two toys the same, throw one and once he picks his up get his attention by waving the other one around. When he gets back to you throw the second toy he should drop the first and run after that then repeat. This way the dog learns that if he brings the toy back the game can continue. Good luck!! xx

May 09, 2010
Playing and retrieving
by: Springer Rescue

Hi you could try putting him on along line and when he retrieves the ball call him in using the line then swap with him the ball for a treat so he learns that bringing the ball in brings rewards.

I also hide food in the garden so they can seaarch for it and I hide articles out on a walk so they can search ou there too.

May 08, 2010
playing ball
by: lynda

My Ben is just the same, I try getting him excited with it saying good boy , fetch, when he picks it up i go really over the top with the "good boy" i clap my hands and talk in a silly high voice, It may not work for you but it does for Ben , good luck and happy play days. By the way i have a ball on a rope

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