Great site very informative

by Gregg
(Haverhill Mass.)

We have Molly who is almost six months old. She is a love. Our family consist of me, 'dad', my wife and my two other loves; 10 year old Maddie and 5 year old Shane.

Molly is our first family dog and she is a great looking liver and white springer spaniel. Her parents are more from the field breed.

She seems to have a bit of separation anxiety when she "crates up" but seems to settle down when she knows we are gone. She is rarely left crated for more than a few hours at a time. She gets a lot of attention.

My main concerns are that she gets car sick and I pray that she will outgrow this because I would love her to be able to travel well. We have a lake front camp one hour from our home and this is a place where we spend a lot of time when the weather is nice (New Hampshire USA) so any advice would be great. I have just bookmarked this site as I plan on spending some time here. Gregg.

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Feb 07, 2010
by: Springer Rescue

Hi one of my springers was very car sick. He did grow out of it though at a bout a year old.

Dorwest have a good natural remedy

or ginger is good for nausea!

Feb 06, 2010
by: Estie

What happens to Molly when she travels in the car?

Feb 05, 2010
by: Michele

Hi Gregg - this is a great site that obviously took a great deal of work and love to put together.

My Sadie is a black & white bench bred Springer. She too has a small problem with separation anxiety when we leave, but seems to settle once she's heard the garage door close. We tell her 'house' and she gets in her crate, not willingly, but she does it! You'll be glad many times over that you crate trained Molly as it comes in really handy. Plus, she'll begin to look at her crate as her safe haven and if she feels the need for some security that's the first place she'll go.

As far as the car sickness, Sadie gets car sick too. Some dogs do grow out of that as they become more use to being in the car. Sadie has not - she's 2 - and I finally had to get some medication from the vet. Since we started using that she's done well. We have a nice soft side crate we use in the car, which not only keeps her safe, but limits the area she can get sick in too!

Springers are great dogs and love kids. It sounds like you chose a great addition to your family. Next time you post, add a photo of Molly!

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