Grooming Springer Ears

Springer Spaniel Grooming
Grooming Springer Ears is essential in keeping your Springer Spaniel healthy. Here is my guide to general grooming of the ear. This grooming is not to a show standard but for the springers health.

For trimming George's ears I use the thinning scissors pictures here. These sicssors are worth the investment as the give the eatr a more layered natural look when trimming and it will look alot neater and less choppy.

Trimming your Springer Spaniels ears

Grooming Ears

I start with the inside of the ear and trim the fur around the entrance to the ear canal to keep the air circulation going to prevent the ears getting infected.

I then work around the underside of the ear thinning the fur out. Remember I do this for practicaliy and my dogs ear health this is not show grooming which requires more specific grooming.

Ear Grooming

You need to ensure that the hair around the entrance to the ear is kept short, as the ear hangs close to the opening and excess fur can reduce the amount of air circulating at the ear opening and can provide the perfect conditions for harbouring bacteria.

A presence of a small amount of wax is normal but if the ears smell musty, shows signs of large amounts of dark wax and your springer is scratching or shaking his head alot then your Springer may have an ear infection, that will need treating with drops you can get from your vet.

However with regular cleaning of your Springers ears this can be avoided. Use cotton wool and water - not cotton buds of Q-tips, otherwise you will penetrate too far into the ear. Very gently using the wet cotton weel clean the outer area of the ear opening. Do this on a regular basis, about once a week.

Springer Ears

I then will turn the ear over and do the same on the front of the ear and remove and thin the hair all over the ear, and also remove the lenth from the edge of the ear. In the spring and summer time I keep the fur pretty short to avoid burrs and grass seeds getting tangled up.

Pay particular attention to behind the ear as this is prone to matting and can harbour fleas and bacteria, so I do make sure this is trimmed right back in the summer months. I also think that it makes life a little more comfortable for George as his ears are lighter and don't keep him quite so warm.

In the wintertime I let the fur grow a little longer so he can keep just that little bit warmer.

I hope my Grooming Springer Ears guide will be of use to you in keeping your dog happy and healthy.

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