Grooming Springer Legs

Springer Spaniel Feathers

For completeness when maintaining your Springers Coat, then Grooming Springer Legs is a must. Springers have wonderful feathers all along their legs, as you can see in the photo on the right, it is part of what makes them look like springers.

These feathers are also a magnet for burrs, mud and anything else that can stick to them. In this guide I try to show the difference between grooming for the warmer months and colder months.

Warmer Months

Springer Feathers

During spring to autumn, all sorts gets caught up in your springer's leg feathers, it is a real pain. Frankly if you do mot manage it properly you can end up having to shave their legs to get rid of mats caused by mud, burrs and all sorts.

What I do during this period is I trim these feathers really short, but never remove them completely, as I think that they are part of the Springer Trade mark.

Trimming Leg Feathers

Grooming Springer

I use a set of trimming scissors to make the leg feathers look less choppy once I have removed an element of the leg fur.

Trimming Springer Feathers

I then comb the leg feathers, making sure they are free of matts and knots, and trim up the leg removing the required amount of hair and making sure that it blends in with the rest of the leg, hence the use of the trimming scissors.

Colder Months

During the colder months I make sure that feathers are allowed to grow just that bit longer to keep his legs warm. Its very useful to have those added leg warmers in the snow. Top Tip To avoid those balls of snow collecting on your Springer Spaniel's legs during the winter, rub the fur down with olive oil before you go out and those ice balls won't build up.

All I do then is just comb the feathers daily basis just to be sure that there are no knots and tangles that can become matted. Its really a case of general care and matenance to avoid clipping the legs in the winter time.

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