Help Required my dog keep catching his testies on thorns

by Stevie spaniel

During the working day my dog will catch his testicles and make them bleed on the under growth. As I am wanting to breed him taking them off isnt an option. Does anyone have any idea's on how I can protect them?


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Jun 10, 2016
For Manhood NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

Sounds like a real heart in that one. I am just having a thought that maybe putting a pad on like for a female in heat. They are pretty flimsy, but perhaps you can find an old diaper cover that is heavy gauge plastic.

He would have to have potty breaks.

Hope you find a way.


Feb 15, 2013
Under Growth? NEW
by: Sasha

Just wondering about this undergrowth you're referring to. If it's in your garden perhaps you could just put up like a fence or some garden posts to keep him away from the problem plants. Otherwise maybe taking out the plants would be an option. I have never heard of a springer having this problem. Their coat is normally thick enough and long enough to prevent them from scratching on the undergrowth. This is one of the reasons they make good hunting dogs. If he is a young dog it might just be a temporary problem untill his coat comes in properly.

Another option could be to make him wear a 'nappy'some owners put it on their females when in heat to prevent unwanted mating but this would be a temporary solution at best as it should not be worn for too long constantly due to the fact that your dog will have to urinate on the nappy and it could cause discomfort and infection as well.

If you can't keep him away from the plants that are causing the problem or remove them, then your only option is too neuter as his wellfare should be the biggest priority. Sores and infections on the genitals can lead to severe problems as the tissue here is very sensitive with lots of blood vessels to supply the cells with nourishment.

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