Holly the Springer Spaniel

by Lynn

Holly was mine and hubbys first dog together. She was born on 27th July 1997 and we had her at 11 weeks.

Having a ESS was a learning curve for both of us as we had both grown up with our parents having small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers and Shitzus.

She had her moments when she was growing up when she tore he vinyl flooring from our kichen which thankfully was getting replaced very shortly and we always think she did it because we fenced off the grass so she couldn't get on it! She also pulled at our satelite cable 3 times and it had to be replaced. She also buried tv remote controls outside! All in all though she was a great dog and never did any serious damage, no wrecked sofas or kitchens etc.

When she had her first season she calmed down and she was never a typical nutty spaniel. She had her moments when her bum used to try and travel faster than her front legs but all in all she was calm.

She was a semi- gundog but she changed when she was out on the shoot and would go for hours and hours in all weather. At home she would bring the paper and post for us, if there was more than one letter you could ask her if there was 'any more' and she would go and look. If you dropped anything on the floor, even a pair of scissors or pen, you could point at it and ask her to pick it up. She was so helpful to me when my arthritis was flaring up.

Eventually at 9yrs hubby decided to retire her as her front legs were giving her trouble and she was on metacam for the pain and I also gave her omega 3.

As the years went by her mind was still willing to go out but her body didn't agree and even walking around the block was tiring for her.

On Friday 13th February 2009 I took her to the vets as she had eaten a bone for dogs from the supermarket and she was having trouble passing it. On a scan of her stomach the vet found that she had a large tumour on her spleen. Being that her quality of life was not the same, we took it upon ourselves to have her put to sleep. My hubby went to the vets that evening to say his goodbyes to her and he said that her 'wag' had gone and she never even lifted her head to him.

He has always said to this day that once the wag has gone then so has the dog.

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Oct 11, 2010
so sad
by: Anonymous

I feel you pain - I lost my dog after 13 years this time last year - a total shock it was - I swore I would never get anoyher dog again but somehow I managed to land myslef with Ozzie our springer who is a bundle of fun and totally wild - somehow I think our old Molly RIP send Ozzie our way to help me get over her - even though I never will forget Molly , Ozzie is a great distraction and I know that Molly would want us to give another puppy a home like she had for 13 years - she was absloutley ruined and so loved and Ozzie is now the same !

I hope you feel better soon - its so difficult and only some people understand .....

Oct 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

So so true Shaun, dogs give you unconditional love and Springers are the best!

We too have two springers now, brother and sister Harley (L&W) and Thistle (B&W). When we bought them we were please to find that they had a few of the same FTC in their history as Holly and sometimes they do the same things as she did.

No matter what they do though, there will never be a Holly and I think alot of us will feel the same about our first spaniel.

Oct 09, 2010
i can relate to that
by: shaun sheffield

I know that feeling so well my first springer elsa i had when i was a young lad at home with my mum and dad she was a real charactor.

i loved her so much and we went every where and did a lot together.

she had two litters of pups one at 2 years old and then at 7 years old i was there to help her with the birth.

she was the same greeting you with tail or bum wag when you came in the door.

as the years went by she never seemed to age too much but when she reached 13 years of age she had a tumour in her stomach and the vet did his best for her i was heart broken that day when i came home with mi dad after having to put her to sleep i think i did the right thing as when i left her after kissing her and giving her a big cuddle as she slipt away the look she gave to me was a thankful one and dont worry dad.

funny thing is that elsa was my first springer and i have two more now poppy and paddy im sure she still lives on in poppy as there are so alike its uncanny.some peolpe find it difficult to have another dog but in my case it has been the best thing....you cant beat a springer spanial for all the things they fun loyal and honest companions.

i just wish humans were the same sometimes...



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