House Training your Springer Spaniel

House training your springer spaniel puppy is one of the first goals to achieve. There are various schools of thought on this, some more humane than others. I am personally not a subscriber to the school of thought that says that you should push your puppy's nose in it's own poo if it has left you a present in the house. I will, however, tell you how I managed to house train my dog George.

Puppies usually want to go to the loo after eating, playing and sleeping; so every time they have carried out any of these activities, take them outside so they can do their business. Once they have, make a huge fuss of them, playing with them and saying good boy (or girl).

To reinforce that doing their business outside is what you want them to do, every time you take your pup for a walk (remember at this stage you should be walking them little and often) and they do their business, make a huge fuss of them. That reinforces the message that you want them to do it outside away from the pack den. Added to which it will really appeal to a springers desire to please.

What if they have an accident in the home?

House Training

If they should slip up and pee or poo in the house, shout "NO!!!" while they are still in mid stream, and this should stop them. This will allow you to usher them outside, stay with them, and when they complete their business outside, again make a huge fuss of them for completing it outside. If they don't finish outside straight away, stay with them and play until they complete their business and make a huge fuss of them when they do

As Spaniels are so eager to please, this method works really well with the breed and they realize at an early age that outside equals fun and games.

A point to note if your puppy does pee inside your house. Be sure to clean it up quickly with something that will deodorize the area, as the puppy may go back to a specific point to pee again.

If they tend to poo in one area in the house, put their feeding bowl in the same area, as dogs will not poo where they eat. Good luck!!

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