How can I stop my Springer Spaniel barking

by Kimberlee
(Kent, England)

How can I stop my 18mth springer from barking at the vet?! Its very embarassing,he barks constantly, I cant even be heard!! Help!!


Hi there

I can sort of understand your springer, usually when they go to the vets they get jabbed or prodded and she is letting know she doesn't like it.

You shouldn't be embarrassed the vet will be used to it.

Sadly I cannot offer any advice to help stop it.

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Sep 01, 2011
by: Carol Sampson

It sounds like its a form of stress. One of ours used to get worried at the vets, so we used to just 'pop in'. We'd sit for a while, talk to the staff & then go. The association with the vets & pain was removed and each time the stress barking reduced.
Might help. Best of luck.

Sep 01, 2011
by: kimberlee

Many thanks for your comments on how i can stop Diesel barking at the vets.

I have tried treats and toys and have walked him before going.
This has taken me by surprise as i have never had a dog like this.Diesel has been twice to the vets in the last month because he keeps eating stones. He wears a cage muzzle when he is in the garden,which is where the problem is. The vets have said that they will have to put him out next time to check him over,because he is that bad. He is such a sweetie otherwise it is such a shame he has this phobia.

Sep 01, 2011
by: Anon

Does your springer have a favourite toy or ball to take to the vet to keep his focus more on something really great? Some really yummy treats might work to if he is more food oriented. My springer is very ball oriented so I play ball and she can have it when she behaves. It's a hard one to stop because they are communicating as well. Good luck.

Sep 01, 2011
spaniel barking
by: Anonymous

Do you make sure she is as tired as it is possible to get a springer before you take her to the vet (I know you can't tire a young spaniel easily!). If it is within walking distance I would walk her there and back. I would take her into the vets when she is having nothing done, sure they won't mind. Sit in the waiting room, give her treats and then get up and leave. She may then associate vets with treats, not being prodded and poked. Worth a try, if you explain to the staff what you are doing I am sure they will be supportive.

Aug 30, 2011
a little help.
by: Gary

Our 2 year old springer Ruby talks alot. And barks while laying or wanting our attention. And won't stop until she is happy. Not sure if this helps. But they are just trying to communicate with you. They thrive on lots of attention.

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