How Cold Tolerant is my Springer Spaniel?

We just got a Springer Spaniel yesterday. Her previous owner kept her entire coat clipped, so she has very short hair.

She has been accustomed to coming and going through a doggy door, so she could come in the house whenever she needs to. We don't have a doggy door, so we let her in and out as needed.

However, we don't know when she needs to come in because of the cold. Right now our temperatures are ranging from lows around 10 degrees and highs around 34 degrees, and the ground is covered in snow.

She can come into our unheated garage anytime, which I don't think is much warmer than outside. She sleeps inside, but I am wondering how much cold she can tolerate with her trimmed coat? And how much can she tolerate with a full coat? Does anyone know??


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Nov 30, 2016
cold weather NEW
by: Brenda

Hi my springer spaniel doesnt seem to be bothered with it being cold temperatures have been 4 to 6 very cold I bought a coat for her but she wasnt impressed so unsure what to do I take her for one hour walk morning same for afternoon daily some off lead does a bit of running shall I carry on without her coat obviouly if it got too cold like minus 15 or something like that at least she has her coat

Thank you

Jan 06, 2010
Springer Spaniels are pretty resilient
by: Anna

Hi there
As the title suggests Springer Spaniels are a hardy breed as they are designed to be racing around all day working. However if they have had their coat removed they do have less protection.

Keep an eye on them out in the cold, especially in the snow as the snow can get in between their paws become compacted and then expand hurting their paws, so watch how long they spend out in the snow.

Hope that helps

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