how do you spot the symptoms of hip dysplasia in a springer spaniel?

by Katie

I have a two year old english springer spaniel (jerry springer)and recently I have noticed that he hasn't been running the same.

I thought it looked like he was having problems with his front legs but my brother noticed that when he runs his back legs hit the floor at the same time istead of one a little before the other, kind of like a bunny hop. I have read that this is a symptom?. He doesn't seem to have problems jumping up ar climbing the stairs just seems to be when we are out walking. He doesnt run half as fast as he used to, has any one got any advice?

many thanks Katie


HI Katie
I am so sorry you are having this issue, it does sound like there is an issue and the symptoms are similare to what I have listed in my Hip Dysplasia Guide.

However the only way you can really tell is if a vet takes a good look, and it sounds as if you should take Jerry down there, especially if he is not running the same. It may not be dysplasia but only a vet can tell you.

Let us know how you get on

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May 22, 2010
another update
by: katie

Little jerry has started to limp and it seems to be his left shoulder what is causing him the problem so Iam taking him to the vets on monday and I think he will need x rays as the vet said last time I saw him. I will update you once I have been the vets.

May 15, 2010
by: katie


The update on Jerry, I took him the vets and the vet checked every thing. As Jerry gets so scared when he goes in the vets room (I have to hold him up as he freezes on the spot bless him), the vet warned me that he may not show signs of being in pain whilst checking him as he was so distressed but he tensed up when checking his left shoulder. The vets said to rest him for a week no walks, no playing with the other dogs, no jumping or climbing the stairs!!!!. He has also given me some pain killers and I need to get some Glucosamine. I need to take him back in a weeks time and if no change he will need x-rays. Fingers crossed he just needs resting. Thanks for every ones comments they mean alot and I will keep you updated.

Thanks Katie,

May 09, 2010
Hip Dysplasia
by: Springer Rescue

Hi I work in a canine hydrotherapy pool which specialises in rehabilitating injured dogs or helping dogs with problems like dysplasia.

You may find that it isn't dysplasia at all and could simply be that your dog has hurt his back as this often gives symptoms as you have described. Might be worth having a chat with your vet.

May 05, 2010
hip dysplasia
by: Estie

Don't despair, however. I think that this can be managed with a good diet, glucosamine, etc. Darcy, the sprocker who spends alot of time at our house, is the same way. At first, I thought it was a death sentence, but he runs, jumps, and plays just like Cassy & Sam. And we take him for long, long walks, and he does just fine. He's about 4-5 yrs old. It was over-breeding.

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