how much should my springer spaniel weigh

by lynda
(bala ont, canada)

my springer spaniel apears to be overweight although she is very active my question is what should she weight she is 6 years old

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Jan 13, 2018
Springer Spaniel Weight NEW
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately most dogs these days are overweight. The dogs belly should be flat and from above go in slightly at the back. Most people think because their dog is over weight that your dog looks thin. Think about the dogs health, not what other people think, and if in doubt talk to a vet. Our vet always complimented us on how nice it is to see a dog that isn’t over weight which she says is rare!

Sep 05, 2017
Springer weight NEW
by: Anonymous

Depends if it's field bred or show bred. Show dogs tend to be heavier.

Feb 26, 2012
my 2 springers weight NEW
by: Anonymous

i have 2 springers at home and the weight on them varies . the younger one is 48 pounds and the older male is 57 pounds ( i am in the USA ) and the books say this
Height 18-20" (46-51 cm) Weight 50-55 lb (23-25 kg)

Feb 22, 2012
Springer weight. NEW
by: Laura Doyle

I do think it varies for dog to dog on their individual ideal weight.
However, I am becoming concerned as I keep being told that my Springer is underweight (not by a vet) ... and someone even went as far as to call him a skeleton! Which I must say I was offended by.

He is 9 months old, 15kg and a very fit dog! He is fed James welbeloved and also get quite a large portion of treats!
You can not see his hips, ribs or any bones but you can feel them, he is a lively lad and i thought he was still quite slim due to him still growing and not yet filling out.
On the other hand .. are people just so used to seeing overweight dogs that a "normal" dog looks wrong.

I will see if i can attach a photo of him form this week. Would really appreciate an opinion on him.
& if indeed he could do with fattening up :)

Feb 05, 2012
Too slim to fat or just right? NEW
by: Anonymous

We have two springers, one 16Kg the other nearly 20 and it's the 16Kg girl who looks like she could afford to lose a bit.

If they go in at the waist, tuck in after the ribs and you can feel those ribs they're fine.

It's a bit like saying the average person weighs 70Kg fine for some, fat for some and too thin for others.

There's a dog condtion guide here which is a useful guide to assessing your dog's weight.

Feb 02, 2012
Weight of ESS NEW
by: lynn


Did you ever see your ESS parents?

I think its goes in the genes like humans.

We had a ESS who was walked everyday and was also worked but she was always chunky. There was no spring to her, she made her way THROUGH hedges and not over them but we always weighed out her food and limited her on treats.

We now have brother and sister from the same litter and out bitch is small and skinny but she eats the same at her brother (if not more as she will seek out scraps from the bin and eats the cats fod if its left out).

In England I always thought ESS could range from between 17-24 kg.

What weight is your ESS?

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