How to re-crate train my springer?

by Laura

My springer has progressively increased his behaviour to decline entrance to his crate he often has to be put into it and looks trapped rather than relaxed.

Has recently began to kick off in the middle of the night and although I do not want to reinforce his behaviour I must go to shut him up because of the other house hold members.

I have tried to re crate train him and when we are "training" he will go in... but when it is an actual time of needing him to go in he refuses.

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Jun 01, 2016
Stop imprisoning your dogs NEW
by: Anonymous

No dog should be crated. How would you like to be imprisoned frequently!

Mar 11, 2012
Crate re-train NEW
by: Anonymous

Start at the beginning - like when she was a pup, little and often, and when you are in the house too, so she doesnt always associate it with being left...
I too use treats and fav toys in with mine if being left for an hour or too. Re problem at nigh have you considered moving the crate nearer to where you are so you can deal with any noise quicker and with less disruption, and then slowly move it back to where you want it....just a thought..

Mar 10, 2012
re-crating the spaniel NEW
by: cmax

We had a same problem and actually got a trainer in to solve it. She suggested feeding our dog in crate for awhile (which we did)or giving treats to the dog in the crate to give the dog some nice memories of crate time. It is a bit of a short cut, but we sometimes now just throw a treat in the crate to get her in. She often will wait for it, but now at least we can lead her in there (treat or not) and she doesn't fight against it.

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