How to stop a springer spaniel from jumping up?

Hi, I cant tell you how much your website has helped us with training our 8 month old springer spaniel Hendrix.

We do have a few slight little niggles with him at the moment though, he loves to jump up and down our family members when they come and visit. I have to put him back in his crate which i dont like doing really as he needs to mix around us, he does like fuss which im sure all dogs do but boy he goes over the top at times. Please could you give us some tips.
Thanks Lucy x


Springers can be notorious when it comes to jumping up. One way to stop this is to tell your guests to walk into your springer (walk towards him) as they do this, thus reclaiming the territory and letting them know who is boss.

Also get your guests to ignore your springer, he will soon learn that fuss won't happen until he is sitting down calm and relaxed.

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Apr 17, 2010
by: Jacks

I agree with Anna best way is to ask "guests" to ignore him this teaches him his position in the "pack" also turn round and keep hands out of reach (fold arms)if poss :D

Apr 16, 2010
by: Michele

Jumping, in my opinion, is one of the hardest habits to break. My Sadie is 2 years old and it's still something we work on regularly. One thing that has helped is to put her on a leash. If we know someone is coming over we'll put her leash on. She's not sure why her leash is on in the house, so it does slow her down a little. When people come to the door, we hold the leash and whenever she tries to jump up we tug her saying 'off'.

It's a good idea if your guests will start saying 'off' too. It helps them to understand if everyone uses the same word.

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