I don't think my English Springer Spaniel is drinking enough!

by Brian

How do I drink more?

How do I drink more?

Its starting to get warmer and warmer as the summer months close in on us and I feel my English Springer Spaniel Algie is not drinking enough.

He always has water available to him and I change it every day to encourage him, but I rarely see him drinking and I am worried that it may have an impact on his kidneys and his overall health.

Do you have any advice on getting him to drink healthier quantities of water?

By the way, what a great site, I love it and have sent it to all my Springer Spaniel Friends.

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Aug 05, 2018
Be aware! NEW
by: Ros M

I don't want to alarm anybody but please be aware that I have just lost my beloved Springer Molly to liver disease only one month after she was diagnosed. I have been aware that she does not drink a great deal and alerted my vet on a number of occasions. In April this year she vomited and I took her to the vet mentioning again that i was concerned that she did not drink a great deal and had very yellow urine. Her urine was analysed but didi not show any alarming elements. On 27th June she showed bloating in her abdomen and yellowing around the eyes, an ultrasound identified jaundice with 'end stage liver disease' and she had to be put to sleep on 27th July after vomiting and pooing blood. Molly had a vets health check every 6 months and appeared to be in the best of health - she also received flea treatment monthly and worming 3 monthly (on vets advice) which I now regret due to toxins. I cannot believe that she had got to this desperate state without the vet noticing anything.
If you have concerns about your beloved friends please, please persist in getting them checked

Aug 20, 2015
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by: Gregory

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Nov 24, 2010
Springer not drinking
by: Jack Dusty

After running at least 10 mile over 2 days my springer never drank. I gave him neat milk as an emergency measure he drank the lot.Is there a reason he stopped drinking?

May 11, 2009
It Works!!
by: Brian

Fantastic, he is drinking his milky water by the bowlfull.

Thank you so much for the tip. I love this site!

May 02, 2009
Try Milky water
by: Anna

Hi Brian
I have had this problem with a previous Springer, Harry.

Try adding milk to his water and try and make him think its a real treat. This is usually how I get enough liquid into my Springers.

If that doesn't work, some dogs only like to drink from running water sources and you can get dog bowls that flow the water for them.

Otherwise if it still comtinues, speak to your vet, you are right to be worried about kidney problems so keep an eye on their fluid intake.

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