I give my 4 month old springer 2 x 20 minute walks a day, but when we get back home she still wants to run around the garden

by Debbie

Jenna at 8 weeks old

Jenna at 8 weeks old

I have a 4 month old springer spaniel who is currently walked twice a day for about 20 mins at a time, but when we get back home she either runs around the house or around the garden for quite a while longer and doesn't tire easily.

Should I increase the amount of time I walk her?

from anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Welcome to the world of springer spaniels and their never ending source of energy!!!! I can take my 5 yr old for a 10 mile run and he still wants more;-)

I would suggest you add in 4 to 6 sessions of 10 to 15 min training sessions throughout the day, as that would focus her energy, and of course play time as that will increase the bond between you and tire her out.

I would avod increasing the walks themselves as Springer Spaniels who are walked too much too young can damage their bones.

For now stick to what you are doing and add in structured training and play time to tire her out. Oh and good luck

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Jul 23, 2010
train whilst on walk
by: Anonymous

Hi our little pup is just over twelve weeks now and much like your own has the energy of a duracel bunny! I find finding a shaded spot when half way through our walk and doing some training is always good; that way you're out of the house, they learn to listen with distractions and uses SOME of their energy. Also I find socialization very good, my boy is usually straight into bed after meeting some new friends (ever felt tired having to entertain your own friends for any length of time?) or even after going to a new place. My pup went to the beach on sunday, we drove so no walking and then played as though we would in the garden so hopefully not too much for his hips. By the time we were home and washed him (he'd bought half the beach home with him) he was ready for a long nap!!

Hope this helps! :)

Apr 19, 2010
Run doggy run
by: Anonymous

My 3 year old springer spaniel gets to run off the lead daily. If he isn't "run" he is a handful. We play ball and after 12 -15 long retrieves he tired enough. I use a ball thrower. A walk on a led isn't enough for him.

Apr 18, 2010
4-month springer
by: Estie

Ha!! Send her to my house!! I'll keep her - she's soooo cute!!

Sammy (5 yrs), wants to do that after we've walked 40 minutes! He goes and goes and goes, then all of a sudden, he's had it, and lays down to sleep!

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