I have an overweight springer spaniel.

My dog is probably 80 lbs. . .and is extremely husky. He is tall for his breed, and is really tired. We feed him purina One Chicken, that he loves. but recently he will sleep all day. Is that because he is overweight?

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Yes, he needs to get out more and be fed a better food that will tackle his weight issues. Check out my guide for overweight springers, this should give you some tips and ideas to get him back in shape.

Good luck.

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Nov 25, 2012
overweight springer NEW
by: Anonymous

springers vary in size so much, my boy is really small and only weighs about 15kg (33 lbs) but springers need to be pretty slim to be healthy and active (the same as we do). I keep both my dogs slim, my rottie only weighs 32 kg (70 lbs) which is just right for her size. Dogs should have a 'waist' and you should easily be able to feel their ribs. Ask your vet what weight is ideal for your dog, so you have something to aim for and buy the best food you can afford, limit the dog's food and get your dog out at least twice a day. My springer can run in the fields for as long as I will stay out and we go out with him free running twice every day.

Oct 16, 2012
over weight springer NEW
by: Denise

My vet put my over weight springer who is 7 on Hills science senior diet light 240grams a day and in six months she lost a stone she is much happier now she weighs less she was 26.5 kg and now is 19kg. fur is looking great and hse is more full of lfe. would recommend.

Oct 13, 2012
Husky Dog NEW
by: Michele

Is this dog a Springer? If so, 80 pounds is too large! Springers do weigh in differently, but 80 pounds is big! My Springer, female / spayed, weighs 37 pounds. My older Springer, who we recently lost, weighed 38 pounds. Both are bench bred Springers. My Uncle's Springer is a field bred and she weighs 50 pounds.

Also, I'm sorry to tell you that Purina is one of the worst commercial dog foods. Could be the reason your dog doesn't want to do anything! I would definitely get him/her on a better diet and get some daily exercise.

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