I'm thinking of getting two springer spaniel puppies - everyone says they are mad!

by Jo

Please reassure me that they are not mad - if they have good level of obedience training and enough exercise?


From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi Jo
They are mad but you are right with straucture, training and lots and lots of exercise they are great.

Two is a good idea, they love company and if you have two they will alwyas have a companion who will understand them.

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Comments for I'm thinking of getting two springer spaniel puppies - everyone says they are mad!

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Aug 16, 2010
We have two...for our sins
by: Lynn

Hi, there

Firstly I have to agree with Carol about having 2 as we have brother and sister and the sister is eager to please getting on fine with her gundog training but her brother is completely different. I always heard that girls are more eager to please as we had a bitch before and she was brilliant (RIP Holly 1997-2009) but we had never had a boy.

We had them both at 7 weeks old (got the boy first then 2 days later went and got his sister for company), they never messed in the house (except of course on the paper at night in the kitchen) and got the hang of the dog flap we had, even though for a while they could go out but couldn't get back in.

I wouldn't be without them both now as they are completely different characters, boy is a complete nutter, loves playing ball, will sleep with a ball in his mouth and chases lights and loves mud and water. His sister is very calm (except when she is working), she likes her teddies and love to sit on your lap given half the chance.

They do get highly strung if they are not walked but as long as you are comitted to walking them everyday and keeping their minds occupied, i don;t think you will have any problem.

Good Luck x

Aug 07, 2010
i have 2 pups
by: dawn

hi, again, i bought a female at 12 weeks old by 15 weeks we had her sitting, giving you her paw, lying down and rolling over on command, then we decided to by a male. and yes all the training went out the window. now we have to seperate to do training with them which isnt a problem really. yes they are mental together but id say mental in a funny way. the kids aged 4, 6, an 11 adore the dogs and the dogs adore them, id certainly get 2 as long as your prepared for hard training. my 2 dogs now 7 mont an 6 months old could never be sperated they are best friends and miss each other if one has to go the vets

Jul 29, 2010
Two puppies at the same time
by: Carol

I don't know how old your question is but I hope you decided on only one puppy at a time. 3 Years ago we got 2---a brother and sister. Oh they are so cute but very hard to train together. We had a female before these two and she was a piece of cake. The positive is that they have a great time together chasing, playing, snuggling, and keeping each other company. The problem is they have a great time together and if one does a naughty the other will follow. They are MUCH better than they were at One or Two but the male just doesn't get it all the time. I guess that's a typical man for you. We love them dearly and I don't regret we got two but wouldn't do it again. Hope this helps.

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