Introducing a Collar

How you go about introducing a collar to your springer spaniel puppy is crucial. This needs to be successful as responsible owner you need to ensure that they wear a collar when they are out and about.

Why do they need a collar?

A simple yet valid question. Of course you should have your springer spaniel micro chipped which will give all your details should your Springer go missing.

However if you have a collar with an identity tag on it, it is much easier for someone to call you up to let you know they have found your Springer rather than having to take them to the vet to get the chip read.You can also state on the ID tag that your dog is chipped and therefore deter dog theft.

Guide to Different Dog Collars Check out my guide to the different types of collar on the market to help you choose the right one for your Springer Spaniel

How to Introduce the Collar

When they get home, put the collar on them, not too tight or loose. Stick close by them and give them play and treats to distract them.

They may claw at the collar initially but keep on distracting them they will get used to it

Do this in bursts of 10 min several times a day and increase the amount of time each day until they are happy with the collar.

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