Introducing George

Introducing George. So this is me, George! I am what can only be described as a very English, English Springer Spaniel. I am extremely loyal, loving and not to mention a very polite dog, however my over enthusiasm for life can often get me into mischief. First let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am four years old, and was the runt of a litter of six. Frankly I sometimes think my owner picked me more out of pity than anything else. You see I am not what you could describe as a bold dog, in fact I am a bit of a Jessy. But by gosh, aren't I handsome?

Ok, so I am frightened of my own shadow and will generally run away from most things, especially my two year old human brother who has a tendancy to try and ride me like a horse.

However I am a very dedicated loyal and loving family pet. I also excel as snuffling around in the undergrowth, and as for swimming well I am awesome!!!

On the whole I get up to all sorts of fun both with and without my human family, so keep in touch as I update you on my weekly adventures, I may be a runt but I am looking for greatness even if it is just on the web, or in my own mind at the very least.

So until next week, in the words that other great 'springer' Tigger - TTFN

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