is getting another springer a good idea?

by jen

cullen :)

cullen :)

how was hoping to get a bit of advice on having two springers. I have a gorgeous 9 month springer spaniel called Cullen... and would really like to get him a play mate... tho I'm scared incase my springer would become jealous of the new puppy.

Would it be better to go for another male or female...

would really like some advice please is two better than one????

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Feb 07, 2013
If your willing to have the time NEW
by: Anonymous

We have a 9 year old springer spaniel and just adopted another one. My oldest springer spaniel (9years old) is named Molley, when we first got our springer pup named Booki, Molley was jealous and was very cranky with Booki. its been 3 weeks now and they are the best of friends. Time is what they need. Give them both equal time and try and socialize then together:) Hope this helped

Mar 25, 2012
Springer spaniel x NEW
by: Mrs j x

I have a 10 month old springer called Rossi and have put a deposit on a bitch who we will call bells I was worried to and still am but thankyou this has all helped x bells ur coming home xxxxx and good luck x

May 14, 2011
Worked for me
by: Gillian

I have a 3 year old dog & a 2 year old bitch who share a kennel & are the best of friends! Have had them both since 8 weeks old. The bitch has been spayed

Jan 20, 2011
I think so!
by: Charlotte

Well I will let you know in 2 weeks lol!!

I have Monty who is 8 months old, we are getting a half brother (who will be called Baxter) of his in 2 weeks.

I was advised 2 boys will be fine, Monty has just been neutered and I will be getting Baxter neutered too.

I am hoping they will be best of friends, and am expecting to have to show Monty a bit of extra attention for a while, but then our walks will still just be us for a good few weeeks and months yet!
Good luck with whatever you decide
Charlotte xxx

Jan 13, 2011
Two Springer Spaniels!
by: Caroline

I own a three year old girl Springer and a 9 month old boy Springer.I have always let them sort out their own differences and by doing this they are really well balanced and calm dogs. (well most of the time lol) I have had no problems at all.

I truly believe all dogs should have a dog companion as they are able to act out normal dog behaviour and I have to say they seem so much happier.

Caroline Thomas

Jan 12, 2011
Two Springers
by: Michele

You have a beautiful pup!

I have 2 Springers. Both females and both spayed. My older Springer, Casey is 12 years old. The younger one, Sadie is 3 years old. We got Sadie when our Casey was 10 years old. They immediately got along well and have been best friends ever since. The only problem we have had is Sadie (due to her youth!) is much more energetic and sometimes will overwhelm Casey. We watch them carefully when they are off lead in the yard to be sure Casey isn't hurt.

I don't think you'd have any issue with another Springer. Your first one may display a little jealousy, but that's to be expected.

Good luck!

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