Jenny the springer spaniel

by Jay and Gwenna Hill

Jenny was one of a kind…to say the least.

Showing attitude the first day we picked her up, she continued her alpha female tendencies throughout her life.

While she loved her “pack” and select others that gained her trust, she had little patience with other dogs or people that tried to infiltrate her narrow comfort zone.

As far as her canine friends, there was little doubt that Jenny ran the house and yard. Yet, while she was quick to enforce one of her rules with one of the boys, she was quick to make up and reassure everyone that things were okay by licking the other dog’s faces. This activity became known around the house as “Jenny’s Kissing Club.”

Jenny was a joy to have as a pet, as she was up for just about anything we ever did. While she may not have enjoyed some of our activities, such as tubing down the river, she wasn’t about to be left out.

Jenny got to run in the mountains, swim in streams and rivers, go for rides in the truck, sleep by the fireplace, and ride on the 4-wheelers. She loved to go with me fishing along the Snake River, as she loved the company of her canine friends and the outdoors where she could sniff, smell, and explore things of interest.

One of her favorite past-times was to wait until one of the boys dropped their chew bone or let their attention wander, and then she would steal it.

Jenny was a master at rawhide bone theft, and was quick to show her pride as she strutted around the room with the bone in her mouth while offering a victory growl.

Jenny had a lot of nick-names, but the one that stood out was the name of “Lou Lou.” Jenny was known for her tail wagging, as her tail rarely stopped wagging throughout her life. She was a model for good behavior, including when it came to cleaning her teeth, getting her haircuts, getting a bath, and just about any other activity.

Jenny responded well to direction, and she trusted Gwenna and me to the fullest extent possible. In essence, Jenny was a model pet.
Perhaps Gwenna said it best on the day Jenny passed, “Jenny had only one job, and that was to make my heart smile every day.” Jenny did her job every day that she lived. With both Gwenna and I holding her, Jenny passed on July 25, 2008, of pancreatic cancer and was 12 years, 5 months, and 18 days old at the time of her death.
Sleep well our friend.

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Aug 22, 2010
by: Estie

It's such a sad time and my heart aches for you! they are such wonderful pets! You made her life wonderful!

Aug 20, 2010
by: Michele

Crying at your memories. What beautiful heartfelt thoughts.

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