Jumble and Mini the Springer Spaniels

by Biddy

Jumble and Mini

Jumble and Mini

Jumble and Mini are a 7 year old brother and sister pair - or as we like to call them "the crazy twins"!

We first got Jumble as a small pup, Ironically when mum and I went to pick him up, he was brought out with Mini, arms wrapped together.
On our 2 hour drive home we concidered stopping and turning around a number of times to pick little Mini up, not knowing that in a few months fate would re-unite the two.

Mini eventualy came to us at 6 months as a rescue pup. She was purchaced by a man who, for reasons un known to me, fed her nothing but Milk and water. She was extreemly timid, frail, and skinny. I truely believe that Jumble remembered her - the first night he would walk up to her and drop toys at her feet as she hid, and the first night I woke up worried as he usually slept on my pillow to find him wrapped around her.

Big Brother ( first born ) taking care of his little sister.

Over the years we have had our ups and downs - Mini was absolutly terrified of males for the first part untill her "dad" worked his way into her heart. (Though she still hides when he is cooking in the kitches :S and still doesnt quite know how to cuddle properly lol ). She was extremely ill ( Pancreatitis ) for a good few months when we first got her, and as a result of her lack of nutrition as a young pup developed arthritis in her back hips by the age of three - and has bones growing betwen her vertebre making it hard and often painful for her to "spring" - despite this Jumble has always been there for her.

One day on a walk he rushed off to swim in a big, deep mud puddle whil Mini (who was scared and unsure of how to approach swimming even at 4 ) wimpered at the edge. Jumble swam back and got her so that the majority of her body was on his back, he swam with her all around the pond with her on his back while she did little kicks - she was going to become a water dog!

Just after their 4th birthday we woke up early in the morning to Find Jumble having his first seizure - It was terrifying... 3 years on he is still on two types of medications TID, but ... we have our lovely boy who is still full of bounce and lets be honest ... who wouldnt do anything for their fur babies.

So thats our two crazies!!!!!!

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Apr 26, 2011
nice pics
by: DREW

Lovely story great pictures thank you for posting

Apr 26, 2011
lovely story
by: christine day

What a beautiful story. I am so glad they were brought back together. Thank you for sharing.

Apr 26, 2011
Your Twins
by: Liz Duffy

What a lovely, caring story. I can truly understand your love for your two fur babies and how fortunate that the two were reunited. Thank you for posting such a wonderful story.

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