Keeping a Springer whilst at work

by Nicola

Hi there, both my husband and I work full time and my children are at school, but we would love to own a springer puppy. Would it be cruel to leave the dog alone all day (from around 8.30am to 4.30pm)? My parents would be able to pop in occasionally to give the dog an extra walk but the norm is that the dog would be on his/her own all day.

Thank you for your help


Hi there
That is too log to leave a springer puppy or any dog on their own, dogs are pack animals and need company to thrive.

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Oct 20, 2011
I wouldnt leave mine that long
by: Carla


I am wondering how you would housetrain your puppy if he/she were left alone this long? would they be in a crate or have free roam of your house?

I took a week off work to be With my puppy when we bought her home, I work shifts (part time) but she gets a run in the morning no matter what shift I am on, hubby comes home lunchtime to play in garden with her/feed her/let her go toilet. I am back after the school run most days, so straight out again with her.

Are your kids young/teens? only curious as I wouldnt recommend any pup/dog to a family with under 6v tear olds as by this age children are less likely to antagonise the puppy or get bowled over/scratched by an excited pup.

If using a crate, they shoudlnt be in there for more than 6 hrs, & a little pup would def not hold its bladder/the other until you get home, so be prepared to clean it loads & also you will certainly get peed on !! as they get sooo super exzcited to see you when you return they will barely get outve the crate before leaking!!

Imagine your floors if they were in the house free to wander? my wooden floor is lifting from her puddles as still has accidents at 3 1/2 mths, cant imagine if had a carpet!

If someone comes in half way through day then thats much better, you say they coudl pop inoccasionally, are you meaning every day or occasionaly as in every few days?

Just my opinion, its a huge commitment & you need to be sure you can give them the time/attention/training they deserve/crave as they are very people friendly dogs & very clever as well as energetic, so be prepared for long long walks, approx 2 hrs a day for an adult?

Oct 02, 2011
nothing like a Springer.
by: Anonymous

I think it's too long to leave a puppy on it's own. The first 6 months of a pups life is so important and can really set the dog up for life. Too much time alone could turn into a very bored and then destructive unhappy dog.
Don't get a puppy unless you can be home for more hours in a day for training, interaction, socialising, walks, cuddles etc.
Put yourself in the pup's paws (shoes). Would you like being home alone all day every day with nothing to do and no one to talk to?
What about an older springer?

Oct 02, 2011
Leaving a springer pup
by: Carol Sampson

I admit I haven't always worked full time, but when I have my pups/dogs have all adapted well to the change.
I always make sure they get a good run first thing in the morning so that they aren't too restless; and the children take them out for a short run when they get back. By the time I'm home we all go out for a good run.
The main thing to remember is a puppy needs more time/interaction, and having someone pop in during the day would be better. Have you thought of a slightly older dog?

Sep 28, 2011
Springer alone
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

We were told by RSPCA when we were looking for our first dog that a spaniel would not like to be on his/her own.

We did decided however 12 yrs ago to get a ESS and we had no problems at all with leaving her alone.

I left for work at 8.15am and hubby never got back from owrk until 4pm(ish).

We installed a dog door so she could go in and out when she wanted. Made sure that the garden was escape proof. Gave her a long walk before and after work. Also ensured that she had loads of toys to play with. We had two cats at the time but I hardly think that they would have kept a hyper pup company! lol

I would say for the first few weeks whilst he/she is being house broken it would be wise for someone to come and check on the pup.

We now have two other ESS (RIP our first ESS) and I used to pop from work (not everyday) to check that they were ok for around 5-10 mins but this was mainly because there were two of them (same litter) and very mischievous together.

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