Keeping Two Springers!

by Johanna

Hi. We recently lost our wonderful springer spaniel to old age after 14 amazing years with her. We miss her terribly. We will be bringing home a new female springer spaniel puppy next week and are contemplating buying a second one from the same breeder. We do not have a large home--1600 square feet with a small back yard. Would it be unwise to have two dogs? I was just thinking that they might keep each other company when my husband and I are at work and our son is at school.


Hi Johanna
first commiserations on the loss of your old Springer, it is so hard to deal with so my thought are with you. Congrats on your new springer!!!

I think the size of your home doesn't matter too much as long as they are getting all the exercise they need everyday outside, otherwise they can become destructive. Your home sounds large enough for two springers but you will still need to ensure you are giving them longer walks everyday.

However a second springer is not a substitute for walk;-) They will keep each other company and frankly will be less work in some respects but ensure they get long walks every day ( I am evangelical about Springers and their walks).

Having two springers together means that they will always have someone who truly understands them, so I think its a great idea to have them in pairs. If I didn't have a one and two yr old I would have a second springer for George, but for the time being I have enough to clear up after.

Best Wishes

PS don;t forget to send us piccies, we love to see springer pups

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Nov 16, 2009
two springers
by: Estie

So sorry for your loss. I know what you are going through and it's rough!

We have 2 springers and a small back yard, also. Cassy & Sam hardly spend any time out there - only to potty and if we are out doing yard work, they will come out to be with us. They get 2 walks or a run in the park each day.

It works out great. Good luck, and post some pictures.

PS: I'm so excited - just in the past week (after 2 years), Cassy will let Sammy lay next to her! It's so cute, and after 2 years, they are "joined at the hip"!

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