leaving my springer alone overnight

by Colin
(SW Scotland)

Hi. 3 weeks ago I got a lovely 19 week old female springer. so far I have got her able to sit, lay down, come in, and heel no problem. my problem starts at night.

I keep her alone in the kitchen overnight. I have newspaper down over the floor, and the worktops are always clear to avoid distractions for her. In with her is her bed, water dish and a chew toy.

She is put to bed around 2/3am when I go to bed. and is left till around 8am when my girlfriend gets up.

She is not noisey or destructive. But without fail she will pee and poo on the floor. She only does this when left alone and never in the rest of the house or in the kitchen when people are around.

She also follows us around the house constantly. I dont know if this is related? I have tried and still do leave a ticking clock close to her and one of my t shirts .

This if my first time with a springer.

Any advice appreciated. thank you

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi there,
have you thought about Crate Training? Here is my Crate Training Guide. it works on the Theory that they will not soil their beds, so if you put her in the crate at night she should not soil it. It has worked really well for my springer puppy. Good luck.

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Feb 20, 2013
lonely NEW
by: Kim

I read a lot on Springers before getting one and everywhere talked about how much they love to be near their people. I have found this to be true. They are nicknamed "velcro dogs" for this intense attachment. We have a bed for ours right beside our bed. She sleeps like a charm and at 6 months of age can hold off using the bathroom until we get up in the morning. I have read some people even use the crate in their bedroom so they don't wander around but are close by for the security of your presence.

Feb 13, 2013
Anxiety behaviour NEW
by: Alan

This is Anxiety behaviour as the dog thinks you might not be back and could be linked to constantly following you about.
However this can be sorted quickly.

When in the same room as the dog, leave the room for about 20 seconds and come back in a praise the dog if behaved.
Short while later do this again for the same amount of time. Gradually over a period of time do likewise but over longer period of time. Praise the dog on your return each time. Eventually the dog will drop this anxiety as it knows you will be returning....

Feb 13, 2013
Toilet training pups NEW
by: Anonymous

I agree as above, try to feed your dog as early as possible in the day, that way they have all day to get rid of it.

Also, let the dog(s) out last thing at night but, and this is key, *make sure they actually go to the toilet*. If necessary shine a torch on them to check! When puppy training I told mine 'go toilet, go toilet' repeatedly and eventually they learned the word. I also would say 'toilet - goooooood' whilst the dog was actually peeing or pooping so they associated the word toilet with it and the fact I was happy. And dogs, bless them, do want to please us.

Make sure you offer lots of praise in a really pleased, even excited tone of voice precisely when the dog starts to actually pee or poop outside. Timing is crucial - this is how the drug squad train their dogs - the split second the dog finds the drugs it gets a treat or a ball. Good luck!

Feb 13, 2013
Crate training NEW
by: Anonymous

I was also going to suggest crate training, we have used a crate for our last 3 Springers and too many visiting Guide Dog puppies to count and can't remember the last time we had an accident overnight. We may occasionally have had to get up to let a puppy out but much rather that than come downstairs to a mess.

I would suggest putting the pup to bed at about 11pm and maybe just letting her out for a toilet break when you go to bed at 2am. We also tend to take water up about an hour before we put the pup to bed. At 19 weeks and in a crate I would expect her to last through to 8am without a problem even from 11pm.

The other thing to consider perhaps is what time you are feeding her her last meal, if that's too late it may mean she needs a poo in the night and you might be able to prevent that by making her dinner earlier.

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