Lump and colour change on our springer spaniel

by Kara

Hi there,

My 11week springer had her first vaccine a week ago. She now has a lump at the site of the injection. The lump is about a cm big and is moveable. I have also noted Her fur changing colour. A week ago she was white with liver coloured spots. There now seems to be shading around where the spots are?

Any one any ideas what's going on? I'm really worried about her!



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Jul 29, 2012
Swelling and fur colour change at injection site NEW
by: Tracey

Our baby black and white springer had his first injection 5 days ago, and he now has a swelling at hte injection site. Today I also noticed that his fur where the injection went in has now turned from white to charcoal grey (he's a black and white springer). He doesn't seem to be bothered by it; eating well and full of beans, but it does seem more pronounced today. Hoping it's nothing to worry about, just a side-effect. Ringing the vets tomorrow morning

Jan 08, 2012
injection site NEW
by: Anonymous

Its not uncommon to get a lump at an injection site...normally not anything to worry about but if it seems to worry her mention it to the vet when she goes for her next the changes in her spots/markings its not uncommon for markings to change + grow but again if any real concern speak to your vet.....if your pup is still eating/drinking/playing as normal and not in any discomfort i would just monitor the situation and enjoy her..

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