Marathon Running and Lost Dogs

Well I have been training for a half marathon, well mum and dad are, so I have been little quiet of late. They have to train separately because of the kids, so I am getting about 16 miles of runs (in human terms treble that for all the extra Springer ground covered) so I have been busy either running or recovering or frankly avoiding the 2 yr old who has taken to pulling my ears!!!!

But now I am fitter and stronger I am able to spend more time concentrating on letting the world know about my fabulous life as an international springer super star.

On my most recent run out with both mum and dad (who got lost so we covered loads of extra miles) we came across a Labrador Mastiff Cross call Harry who himself was lost. So after trying to fund his mum and dad, my mum and dad decided to take him home to try and contact them.

Running springer spaniel

I have to admit I was very worried that he may be adopted by my folks as he was much bigger than me and I didn't fancy my chances, but luckily he was a well loved dog, and his owners were frantic when mum and dad called to let them know we had found him.

He was a long way from home as he lost his way in the woods chasing a bunny ( it would never happen to a Springer) but it ended happily.


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