Mating Springer Spaniels

SO how to go about mating springer spaniels. Once you have found a stud and you are happy with the commitment you are about to embark on you should ensure that your bitch has had a full medical check from the vet before the mating takes place.

You may also want to seek some advice from an experienced breeder as well as they can give you personal tips based on their experience.

As with humans it is important that the bitch is mated at the right time to be successful. The ideal time is between the 10th and 13th day of her season, however it can vary.

Be aware if this is her first time she may not be overly keen on the stud dog trying to mate her and she may turn aggressive. So it may be necessary to muzzle her to protect everyone from injury, so keep one to hand.

During penetration the walls of the bitches vagina will contract causing the two dogs to become "locked" to one another. This is perfectly normal and its natures way of ensuring a successful mating session.

Its important at this stage to keep both of the dogs together during this period to avoid either dog getting hurt. When they have separated naturally the mating process is complete.

Before you finish ensure the stud dog owner signs the kennel Club application for litter registration, you need to get this form from the Kennel Club before mating.

Once your bitch has been successfully mated, you may want to give her some glucose in water to help her recover and relax. Now its just a waiting game

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