Moulting Springer Spaniels and how to manage it.

Moulting is something that Springer go through. Its a normal natural process that helps your Springer deal with the seasons and the changing temperatues that they bring. I find that George gets worse as the days get lighter for longer, but this is his body's way of giving him a lighter coat for the summer.

So here are a few hints and tips on how you can deal with this to ease the amount of hair that gets all over the house.

Rubbing their coat with rubber gloves

Moulting Springer Spaniel

This is a fantastic way of reducing the sheer quantity of shedding hair. Its quick and easy and it gets rid of loads of dead hair very quickly and easily.

I take George outside and just rub his fur vigorously and the hair comes out, as you can see.

I usually rub one way, then change direction and rub the next way, this really does get the shedding fur out, and it doesn't hurt your Springer in any way.

Moulting Springer Spaniel

To be honest I think George really enjoys it, its almost like giving him a massage, and we all know just how much our Springers love their massages!

Once I have finished rubbing him down I then put all the collected fur in a fruit net and hang it up by the bird feeders so they can line their nests with it.

Now thats recycling!!!

Regular Brushing

It goes without saying that regular brushing of your moulting Springer Spaniel will help to get rid of all that hair that he is shedding. there are a variety of dog brushes out there that you can buy to help you with this.

The added bonus of brushing your Springer regularly is that it reinforces your position as the Alpha dog and increases the bonding between you both.

Vacuuming coat

Some people put the vacuum hose over their Springers to get the shedding hair off. I can't do this with George as he is a complete Jessy and runs away with the Hoover but we used to do this with a previous Springer, its really effective and they love the attention.

Any more tips you might have on dealing with shedding coats, let me know!!!

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