My 15 month old springer spaniel with repeating sore leg?

by Sam

My 15 month old male springer saw the vet 3 months ago because he was limping on his front right leg, we saw the vet twice and she tought it was a muscle injury.

She gave him anti inflamatory tablets and adviced us to keep him on his lead for a while. We did this and he seemed to make a full recovery but has now started limping again, he doesn't show any sign of pain when he is running just afterwards when we get home. Any advice would be great.


Hi there
This is really difficult to judge, you will proabaly have to revisit the vet, however there are some daily things you can do to ease joint pains. There are a variety of supplements for your Springer Spaniel that can ease joint pain over the years, and make sure their bed is not in a draft.

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Comments for My 15 month old springer spaniel with repeating sore leg?

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Jun 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

I hope it's not iohc this doesn't show up on an X-ray it needs a ct scan done.

Apr 01, 2011
Still limping!!!
by: Sam

Thanks all for the help and advice so far, Oscars leg was showing signs of improvement untill a short walk last week so we took him back to the vets and had xrays taken on his leg, thankfully there was nothing at all showing on the xray as to why he should be limping. So at the moment he is on a two week course of caprodyl and has to stay on the lead for at least two weeks. I am hoping that he will be better after this but I am going to be scared when he goes of lead incase in happens again, the vet has advised not to let him go wild at first but as you will all know, that is an impossible task with a springer!!!!!

Mar 31, 2011
sore paw
by: seoirse mac enri

does you springer lick his paw between the pads?
sometimes grass seed and debris can become entangled in the hair between the pads of the paw
if it dries it can become quite hard and doubtless a source of springer sam had a little ball of gunk stuck between his pads and took great time and pleasure ferreting it out with teeth and tongue it may be worthwhile asking the vet to check between the pads next time. alternately it may be a muscle that hasn't had time to heal i'm sure you're aware how active and energetic springers are,always on the go unstoppable i wish i had their energy...

Mar 17, 2011
Same problem too
by: Anonymous

My male ESS has the same problem. He is 2 (birthday yesterday) and when ever he has gone for a really long run he limps the next day. Firstly it was limping on his hind leg, he was licking his pad alot but I couldn't see anything in there and even trimmed the hair on his foot to see.

This week he hurt his front leg, but the next day he was fine.

On the first occasion I gave him 1/4 of a painkiller that he had from his castration.

With these breeds I think they can go on and on for hours and then suffer from it afterwards. Our other ESS gets so many thorns in her its unbelievable but she never moans when she is out or the next day or when we are fishing them out.

Mar 16, 2011
Same problem
by: Catriona

I have the same problem with my springer. He's 8 months old. It first started when he was very young but went away and it has returned now if he has been out for a really long walk. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with him and said maybe he just pulls a muscle from running around so hard but as i am looking to breed him he is being booked in for an x ray to look for any problems. Maybe you should do the same ?

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