My 4 year old female springer spaniel bit my son last night.

by Michelle

Last night my springer spaniel went underneath a bed shortly after my son followed her. They are the bestest pals and get along great! She was chewing something she shouldn't have been under there and my son tried to get it out of her mouth and normally she is okay with us doing this to her. she was backed in a corner and couldnt get out so she bit the bridge of his nose and punctured it! He ended up getting stitches. But we are so confused as to why she did this? She is the nicest, most loyalist dog i have ever had! You could pull and poke at her all day long and she won't give a toss! But then she does this?

Any advice so to what to do? I really and truely do not want to rehome her because she is more than a dog to me shes a bestfriend to and i would be lost without her!

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Oct 05, 2013
springer rage NEW
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, what you describe is a characteristic of "Springer rage". A
genetic trait that has been developing
in the English Springer breed for a
number of years now. Due to poor breeding
by puppy mills and "backyard" breeders.

This springer will continue to bite, snap
and growl at your child, you, friends and
family. You're risking a lot keeping the dog.
I wouldn't wait for the dog to bite your child
again. Best solution would be to give the
dog to an experienced trainer willing to take
the dog, worst case scenario: put the dog down.

Jul 12, 2013
Springer Biting NEW
by: Sasha

I think the problem here was that she was cornered and maybe felt a little over-protective of what she was chewing. Dogs, like humans, go through phases and even a loyal dog that normally doesn't care about being 'pulled and prodded'might one day just be in a bad mood and had, had enough. It's the responsibility of the owner to know the dog well enough to know when to give her a rest and maybe let her be a little, even dogs need their space.

With regards to taking stuff out of her mouth. I would never recommend that. The dog doesn't actually learn to leave things. If you've ever watched two dogs you'll notice that if one has something the other dog wants, it usually doesn't just grab the object (this results in a fight nine times out of ten) the dog will 'ásk' the other dog to let it go either by growling, body language etc and the dominant one wins. You however as the human are always the dominant dog so I would recommend teaching her a command to leave things if you say so, so you can safely take it. Especially in the case of food, bones or anything it wants to chew etc. Dogs can suddenly become very protective over something they percieve as food while never getting that possesive over toys like balls etc.

The fact that she took it under the bed also means she was trying to hide it from you and she merely retaliated when she felt your son being overly aggresive by 'grabbing'it from her when she so 'rightly' in doggy terms claimed it as her own.

If you are worried about this possibly being an agressive sign take her to a recommended behaviouralist or to an obedience trainer as they will be better able to give advice on whether this was a once of thing easily rectified by some training or a sign of a bigger problem (which I higly doubt but I naturally do not have the all the facts)

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