My 4 yr old springer spaniel bit my 6 year old son.

We rescued a 4 year old springer spaniel recently. He is a great dog, sweet and even is learning to listen to us. When we decided to take him in, he was great with my two boys (ages 6 & 2).

Then one day Collin (6) was doing jumping jacks and then Charlie growled at him for no reason. We shrugged it off as it was storming and/or he thought Collin might hit him. Well, then we started noticing that if Collin walks by his kennel, he growls at him. Now when we are all in the yard playing, he's great. Collin can play ball with him, but I always take the toy from him & Collin will throw it again.

Well, last night I was baking in the kitchen so my husband blocked off the kitchen so Charlie wouldn't get into the baked goods. I asked Collin to come into the kitchen & help me, so he started that way. Charlie was sitting at the entrance of the kitchen & he growled at Collin. Collin was like "move Charlie" & then Charlie bit him. It was a nip but him being 52lbs and Collin is only 49lbs, it did a bit of damage to his back.

We know if we take Charlie to the pound they'll kill him but I am also scared for my child. What can I do? Is this a training issue? He NEVER does anything to the little on but even tonight he was great with Collin. I put him up for the night and then had Collin go in to try to see if Charlie would growl & he did and even bared his teeth. Can you give us some advice?


Hi there I am so sorry you are having this issue. When it comes to kids you can never be to careful, try getting in touch with your local springer rescue they can rehome him with a family without kids

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Feb 21, 2015
Rehome NEW
by: Anonymous

Don't risk. Your child is more important. Back in the day each dog that showed aggression towards people ( of course except guard dogs which were bred for agression ) was put down, thus aggressive behaviour was out red in certain dog breeds.

May 03, 2011
Pet Behaviorist
by: Anonymous

before re-homing him perhaps get a pet behaviourist in to your home for some advice - it helped me with one of my springers.

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