My 8 week old Springer puppy seems nervous

by Claire

Our 8 week old springer puppy seems occasionally nervous, I was just wondering if this is normal? we had a Lab for 15 years and our springer puppy is of a very different temprament, she's much more quiet, needs lots of cuddles and not as boisterious as our lab was as a puppy.

She also seems nervous, eg. when I tried to stop her toileting ont he carpet she ran away crying and also at the sound of a car alarm or if startled.

She isnt in away way agressive but i'm concerned whether or not this behaviour is normal.
Any advice appreciated,

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Apr 19, 2012
Best Breed Ever NEW
by: Chris

Springers are very loving and need lots of attention from thier family. The more they get the more they need and want to a member of the family more than any dogs I've ever had. They are also very sensitive and do not need harsh correction. Take hart though, they are quick to learn and easy to train. We have 4 and they are the easiest dogs to house train we have ever had. The only problem I have is that I have four springers and only two hands to pet them with. The puppy may not have had a lot of human contact but it will come around.

Apr 19, 2012
Nervous puppies NEW
by: Anonymous


I can see both sides to this as my parents have labradors and i have a springer who is just one year old. I was at home with my mum when she had her two very boasterious chocolate labs.

Iv had my springer since she was 8weeks old and my parents had a yellow lab 3weeks younger than Freda (our springer) when I took freda home to my parents freda was no match for the boisterous lab pup who was slightly younger! It made me realise how different they really are, and how much morecalmer and patient I have to be with Freda.

She was such a nervous little thing, she's still not great with new things and anything noisey she hides with her tail between her legs, but lots of patience over the last year we now have a fantastic beautiful dog.

My advice would be slowly introduce her to new situations, to make them 'normal'. Freda is still learning new things which I think is the fun of her.

Enjoy those cuddles and loves they give, (they don't grow out of it), they are the most loving dogs and a great companion.

Where as my mums labs would rather thrush a ball in your hand then cuddle too you. Both fantastic dogs, but veyr different reasons in my opinion.

Good luck! We are looking for a new puppy friend for our Freda and I cant wait to experience what you are again!

Apr 18, 2012
Nervous Pup NEW
by: Dee

My last pup (though a dally) was quite nervous when we brought him home, for the reasons mentioned above, taken away from his litter mates and mum, put in a big loud moving thing and then put in a place with no familiar smells or sounds.
I gave him lots of love, in fact maybe a bit to much, he never left my side for the first 3 months bless him, and I took him outside every hour to see if he needed potty. If he did it on the floor I would simply pick him up and take him to the door then gently push his bottom so he walked out on his own, he soon realised that was where he needed to go and loved it when I praised him. I used to give him a tiny bit of cheese if he did it outside on his own, and it took him a matter of days to learn to go outside. He's 2 years old now, and sadly very poorly due to a brain problem which I have since found out runs through his dads side and we will lose him soon before he starts to suffer, however he has been one of the most loving loyal dogs I've ever had, and I found it was all down to being patient with him, showing him how to play with toys sat on the floor with him and giving him lots of praise and love.
Good luck with your little spaniel I hope she comes on real soon and is bounding around like a typical springer.

Mar 30, 2012
Nervous NEW
by: Michele

First of all, puppies can be nervous especially at 8 weeks! Put yourself in her are no longer with your canine mom and your brothers and sisters. You're with a stranger and she's talking a strange language to you!

It's likely she just needs time to settle in and get used to her new home. Also, don't yell when potty accidents happen. I know it's hard not to do, but by doing so you are telling her not to potty. She needs to learn to potty, but in the right place. Take her out often and be very excited about it. Always take her in and out the same door until she figures out what you expect. Be positive and praise her as soon as she potties outside.

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