My English Springer Spaniel loves chewing sticks and eating the bark!!

by Nikki

Hi there, I have a wonderful English Springer Spaniel called Penny that was an English Springer Spaniel Rescue.

My question is regarding chewing sticks. I don't let Penny eat sticks as a rule, but now and again she likes to have a good chew on one.

We make sure she has plenty of chews to keep her busy but I'm just wondering what tree bark will do to her tummy?


Hi Niki, I know how you feel, the English Springer Spaniel is notorious when it comes to chewing, however it is not good for their health much less just their tummies

Splinters from sticks and bark can get lodged in their throat or even their gums. This in turn can then lead to abscesses.

The very worst thing that can happen is that they inhale the bark in their lungs. This year George had a terrible bronchial infection that we had trouble getting rid of and the vet asked me if he was a stick chewer; I confess he has been known to gnaw on one on the odd occasion and the vet then told me that he may not have a chest infection but he could have inhaled fibers from the stick which can kill them, so its is not worth the risk.

As they love to chew you need to make sure they have access to chew toys and raw hide chews as its their way of stress relief. check out my guide to chewing

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Apr 24, 2011
by: Dave

I think it's nonsense that it's bad. MY only proof is 3 springer's, all how have chowed on sticks, and have all been fine. One lived to 15, the next 14, and the other is happily chewing sticks at age 7. They could inhale anything at anytime. No one knows the cause. The Vet was jsut trying to tell you something, ANYTIHNG, to give a reason. The dogs love it. Let dogs be dogs. Of course dogs love anti-freeze too as I know some genius will mention. But anti-freeze is not exactly a naturally occurring prolific thing that ALL dogs love. ONe thing I have noticed in all springers. When something isn't good for them, they stay away. I once gave the latest springer something that had onion powder in it. After a few bites she recognized it (inately?) and didn't eat anymore. She felt like crap for a few hours and then was fine. I know some dogs will eat anything at anytime. It seems Springers are more often than not, not one of those dogs. They are slightly more discerning. But that's no excuse to not be wary of things that poison dogs. I'm just saying wood, aint one of them.

Jan 08, 2010
by: Nikki

Thanks Anna

I had a feeling they wouldnt do her any but she really does enjoy a good chew on them, but i will make sure she doesnt from now on.

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