My Springer Bitch hates ALL other Dogs

by Helen

I rescued her two years ago. She lived on a dirty mattress in a small kitchen. Never had a walk and i suspect was abused. (everytime she is gently touched near/on rib area she flinches - still to this day). She is loyal, easy to look after, playful and very loving with me and my family -young children-in the home.

She is not a lead walker, since she was never walked I have come to learn that it is not something she will learn or accept, she is fabulous off the lead, she runs and runs and regularly comes back over to me for reassurance and then back off again. She also stays near when told to.
But! She hates...really hates other dogs. I dont know if she has a problem personally with them from a terrible experience or if she is very protective of me. She barks when they are near, even when they arent so near. She will bark very aggressively when they run up to her, I fear she will bite. Ive tried distraction with treats, trying to ignore it (so she sees i am not bothered about the other dogs), putting her on a lead every time, calling her to me and telling her no, calling her to me and telling her no with a tap on the nose.. and i took her to training classes which was an absolute nightmare, there is no settling this girl around other dogs. She is not spade. Is this the way she will be forever? She is such a lovely dog otherwise and it is a real shame - and embaressing, i feel i have to explain to other dog owners that she is a rescue etc etc.. every time. She is taken out every day for exercise and has a solid daily routine. Anyone experienced similar? Any ideas? Thanks

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