My Springer Spaniel Ben is very timid

by Lynda

Ben is a wonderful springer spaniel in good health etc; as he has got older, he is 5, he doesnt want to run the fields like his sister Sophie does, he likes to walk by my side, so close he nearly trips me up.

He will play if we meet other dogs,he will tell Sophie off when she dissapears in the bushes, he chases her telling her not to go off, Any loud noise he has always jumped or gone upstairs, his hearing is fine.

Maybe he is just like this, he loves to cuddle up close and follows me EVERYWERE, Just wondered if any one else has a timid springer spaniel, Sometimes he will have a mad burst though


Hi Lynda
I have a very timid springer spaniel, he has just always been like that. His favorite place is glued to my side.

I think you get two types of springer spaniel, timid or nuts, they really are a breed of extremes.

I am afraid I cannot offer you much more than that, as I have never been able to make George that little bit bolder, he is just a complete Jessy.

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Aug 06, 2010
very timid and nervous springer
by: Anonymous

we have two wonderful springers benji whos five and mia whos four,benji is very outgoing will gladly play with anybody, mia on the other hand very timid and nervous we brought her home when she was thirteen weeks from a very lovely lady who bred gun dogs for the police, from day one she got on well with benji and us anybody enters the house she sits cowering, get the hosepipe out she bolts any loud noises she bolts we would love to go on holiday but sadly she would not survive a kennel or any house sitter,she once went to be groomed after 15 mins we had to go collect her she sat cowering in the corner shaking her nose bleeding, one good thing shes very happy just in our company.

May 23, 2010
doggy psychology
by: Anonymous

sounds like he could be tryin to be the alpha or 'man of the house' by protecting both u and sophie.. stayin by ur side and chastising sophie when she goes off....observe his 'play' with other dogs and see if he is playing or keepin them away 'in the nicest possible way'. my male dog does that, sounds like they are very similar !

May 19, 2010
timid ben
by: lynda

thanks that is a big help Anna , sophie is the nut case, ben is as you said about george clued to my side

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