my springer spaniel wakes up too early

My English Springer Spaniel will not sleep in in the morning.He always wake around 5am he is 10 months old.

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels

Hi there
I am afraid this is the case with such an energetic breed, however the good news is it does get better as they get older. George is now 5 and is happy to chill in his bed until I get up.

I would suggest until then that you make your springer sleep downstairs so that he won't wake you up when you want to have a lie in. Try putting a stairgate on the doorway of his room so he won't come out, if that is at all possible for you to do.

The other thing to do is to start sleeping with earplugs in, I do but that because I have a darling husband that snores!!!

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Feb 23, 2016
sprocker awake too early NEW
by: mandy

My sprocker wakes up a 6 am every morning, an hour before my alarm is due to go off. She gets plenty of exercise before bed, is crated and covered in a quiet room, and doesn't rush out to pee once I let her out. If I don't get up at 6 with her, she barks until I do. And living in a semi detached. ...... please help. She's 2 in June and I really miss that last hours sleep!!!

Dec 10, 2010
A happy solution to the early riser
by: Andrew

My dog used to wake at 4 or 430 and I always thought he wanted to go walking. He sleeps in a crate with the door closed in our bedroom.
In fact, we found out that he doesnt want to go out at all, he just wants to be with the pack.
Now, my partner and I let him jump up on the bed and sleep another 2 hours with us. He spends 3 minutes kissing us and then drapes himself over the two of us and falls fast asleep. His serene happiness is like a good dream and I love the new routine.
At times, he even sleeps until 7 AM!!

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