My Springer Spaniel won't respond to us on walks.

by Nick

We have two springer spaniels. 6 month old Springers, one is excellent on walks and comes back on recall the other is so interested in the surroundings that she pays no attention to us at all. She comes on recall in the house and garden but so many scents on walks means she just runs away so engrossed in her hunting instinct that she pays no attention to us at all and is often missing for long periods of time.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to gain her interest as this is a nightmare and also means she can't run around and get the exercise she needs as she is confined to a lead when out and none of us really enjoy what should be a pleasant time for all.

We have tried treats she is just not interested, squeaky toys and balls, she will respond to all of these in her home but out is just of no interest to her.

Any ideas? HELP

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Oct 17, 2012
sprollie recall NEW
by: Anonymous

Hmmm, I too have a springer collie cross, nearly 3 years old. Comes back in the summer for a drink when it's hot, now in winter I'm stuffed! He is obssessed with the ball and circles around but won't come close enough for the lead. Also goes into any hedge/thicket and comes out cut to pieces!! He's such a joy to take out!!
He is however great at agility and this helps the relationship and wears him out. They def need a job to do. Like others he's a star at obedience/tricks in the garden but in a field...forget it!

May 02, 2012
recall !!! NEW
by: Anonymous

i have a 1 year old springer x collie when in the garden all goes well with recall, but when out in the fields or near the sea he will not come back hve tried treats (sausages, raw bacon worked for a while and normal puppy treats) He does not let me out of his sight so i know where he is, its just that when its time to go home he will not come back close enough for me to put on his lead, i have tried lying on the ground, crawling around , acting the fool. i may find something that works one day but he remembers the trick and game so i am back to square one. can anybody help.

Nov 23, 2011
Recall Failure NEW

I started whistle training with my 5 month old ESS and it worked like a dream...when she heard the whistle she knew there was a juicy treat coming her way and she would return to me immediately...alas this method, after only 2 weeks, is now failing miserably! Taking her for a walk is becoming a nightmare, she will only come back to me whe she wants to.
Long lead training is the next step, and if that doesn't work then I'm going to give up and use the services of a dog walker! lol.

Any tips on how to get my Molly to come to recall would be gratefully received.

Oct 26, 2011
we have the same trouble
by: Ann Knight

I have the same with Basil , my 6 month old Springer. He is great when it is just him and me , but when we meet others , ignores me to play with them. It is getting better, but even treats don't wor sometimes. Good luck

Jul 31, 2011
my springer
by: Chantelle

Hey, my springer who is coming up to 3 years old still does this,and we have tried everything. but what we have noticed is that he returns after about 2 hours at the end of our walks. But we are not really happy with this as we like to see him and worry alot. if anyone else has any successes please tell me too . thankyou

Mar 30, 2011
Same problem
by: Anonymous

We have a 6 month old springer dog, he's great in house, garden also but he will only come back when he wants to.. tried same as you with treats, toys etc, even tried takin him only before his meal so he is hungry.. doesnt make a difference.

Also if he see's other people/ dogs or birds flying he's off.. almost like your a complete stranger to him...

If you find a solution please post as i'm having the same nightmare with the sound of things.

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