My springer spaniels are thin

by Michelle
(England) a springer spaniel owner I see many a 'stocky' springer, I have 2 springers, whose pics are in ur puppy gallery.

The problem is they are now 17 months old and very thin. They are not fed a certain amount each day but have james wellbeloved on tap, as well as naughty tit bits.

They have both been 'done' and so should be putting on weight. They still cant walk...only run..and so I think that maybe they run off so many calories then this is the answer, but equally...they are working dogs and Ive never met another springer that looks like them.

Dont get me wrong they arent emaciated, but they look slim rather than the stocky looking springer pics im used to, ...any ideas?

ps in terms of exrcise I 'dawdle' for 2 hours a day with they run so much that people stop and stare/comment on their energy levels
many regards


Hi Michelle
First well done on giving them that amount of exercise, they must be very happy springers!!!

Have you tried the active dog foods? James Wellbeloved is great food, but try the Burns dog food, they do a Canine Active food. Its designed for working dogs, and as yours are out for 2hrs a day they may need more calories.

You can order online and they deliver, they are a great brand of food, George loves it!!!!

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Aug 07, 2015
is my springer too thin? NEW
by: Anonymous

My dog is 9 and active and always been thin but I can feel his ribs and spine Is that normal? He eats normally and poos firm stools 3 times a day

Aug 17, 2010
by: Debbie

Hi Michelle

It is possible that she may have Eskorine Pancreatic Insufficiency which basically means the pancreas isn't producing a certain enzyme and therefore she isn't digesting her food, so what goes in comes straight out again, so the dog remains thin or loses weight and also has runny poo. If it does turn out to be this there is a fantastic forum you can join called - the majority of people here have EPI dogs and there advice and support is invaluable (my springer had tests and it turned out she had campylobacta (food poisoning), but while I was waiting for the results I joined the forum above and they were brialliant - I was certainly forearmed with info if the results had shown EPI).

Jun 07, 2010
jess update
by: michelle

hi guys

thanks for all of ur posts.
Unfortunately Jess has continued to loose weight and has been to the vet. At the least they have diagnosed inflammatory bowel decease however she has continued to loose weight and other explorations are now taking place.
I hope she's ok, she is still in high spirits and is lively.
I pray she will be ok long term.
She's now 16 months old however as a 6 week old puppy her bowel turned inside out and she was very ill for a long time. Most people thought i was mad to instruct a vet to do their utmost to save her life, to the tune of £1000. She was worth it, how can u measure a life in pounds and pence ??

I dont pray for anything, im not very religious but right now im praying she's gonna be ok

May 23, 2010
skinny dogs
by: Anonymous

thanks for ur advice, i'll change the food, i must add they get 2 hours exercise on the 4 days i work day and the other 3 days they get 4 hours minimum so i guess i'll try the food change to working dogs, many thanks

May 20, 2010
To thin
by: lynda

Dont worry, i have 2. one is 5 one is 6, sophie the 6 year old runs all the time Ben walks by my side, they, to me look like fit racehorses. I also leave food down so they eat when hungry,As long as they are fit and healthy be glad you dont have an overweight dog, which can lead to problems. I too have noticed the different build of springers, yours is probaly like mine a finer built " variety" There are photos of sophie and ben on here so you can see what they are like,

May 20, 2010
Thin springers
by: Estie

I think that thin and healthy is much better than chubby & healthy. Don't worry, with age should come some more weight!!

May 19, 2010
Skinny springers
by: Ruth hendry

Hi michelle

I have 2 springers full brothers born 2 years apart. First one is skinny second one stocky. I cannot seem to put weight on the first one- but all his litter brothers and sisters are exactly the same. He does nothing but run and eats his full amount of kibble each day as well as loads of treats. He is an agility dog and just loves his exercise. Have asked my vet about it and he assures me there is nothing wrong with him he us just differently built. If you are really worried just talk to your vet but your guys sound very similar to mine and I have a very healthy and happy 3 year old springer . to give you an idea of weight My 3 year old is 17 kilos and the1 year old is 21 kilos and there is not an once of fat on either of them - just pure muscle lol

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