New 11 week old Rescue English Springer Female

by Jennifer E Curtis
(Hopewell, NJ, USA)

Millie at 11 weeks loving farm life.

Millie at 11 weeks loving farm life.


I have been deciding on a breed for over a year. I am a single mom with an eleven year old daughter. I had a couple of friends tell me that this was the breed for us. We live adjacent to a 50 acre parcel of open space with the underbrush you are discussing. There are also three creeks.

The litter was dumped on a rescue organization Rawhide Rescue. I observed the litter twice and decided on a female bc I am an avid gardener and did not want the leg issue with garden and I did not take the alpha girl,
but instead felt our lifestyle would be better with the one that was slightly more mellow.

She is a doll!!!!!!!! She already comes to her name. I work with her on the leash for about 15 minutes and then let her off the leash to go in this underbrush. WOW does she love it. Yesterday for instance she was out it the field twice in the morning and then since I am a landscaper she went on a job site with me. She was off the leash and stayed close the entire time. I am training her with Wellness Puppy Treats and dried liver. I take her out in the morning to the same spot in our yard for her business. Going well. I am switching her over to Wellness Puppy food. I have cleaned her ears and brushed her teeth and she has been to the groomer for her first nail clip. She will let you do anything to her. I am also putting her food down and then adding some organic yogurt after putting down the bowl so that she will be ok with someone touching the bowl.

We are a really active family. My daughter Fiona rides horses and jogs and cross country skis and downhill. I do this stuff too. I took the puppy to the barn the first night. She was shivering but the following day back no shivering. She has been exposed to chickens, the hose, the sound of trucks, and a few dogs. She seems scared of loud noises and over zealous dogs. I hope she is still within the time frame for the change in that department.

She is definitely getting three solid walks a day out in the field.. too much? 30 to 40 minutes.. She seems fine and it is great for behavior inside. She is a dream.
She is definitely field bred in appearance. Her name is Lady Millicent. Millie for short.
I am in love. She is liver and white. I also had her checked out at my vet before I signed on. All good.

Thanks for this site, I am loving it!
Here is my site.

Hopewell and Princeton New Jersey and loving everything English. :)

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Jun 09, 2010
Socialization/Fear Period
by: Anonymous

Your little puppy is lovely, has a great expression and your description of her behavior seems to be normal for many puppies. I have a beautiful bench-bred boy who will be 1 year old on 7/17. He went through many stages. There were some weeks when a strange man or someone with a backpack or on a bicycle would really spook him, and other weeks he was fine. And he lives with a grown man, my husband. Today at the dog park a photographer with his camera equipment set him to a gruff little barking session. We corrected him gently and moved his mind on to other things. We ask strangers or neighbors who have startled him to give him treats until he gets comfortable, and allow him time to work his mind through things that scare him. They are bright, alert dogs, and some lines, or certain pups within a litter, can just be more reactive to things. There is a lovely little book called My Smart Puppy (Brian Kilcommons I believe is the author) that gives training tips and has a nice section on puppy stages up to 1 year old. Good luck with little Millie!

Jun 03, 2010
by: Estie

Oh, my gosh - she's beautiful!! Glad its going so well. springers are the best!!

Jun 01, 2010
Progress after a Month
by: Jennifer E. Curtis

Things are going really well. We have done four or five puppy classes and I think we will do another one this summer. She is not listening as well as she was the first three and a half weeks. I think she is in her adolescent stage. I am working on the leash pulling. Very tedious. She seems timid around men and trucks and bikes. I don't understand the issue with men. We don't live with any. Is that why? I hope I am not past the stage to work on these things.. She was born around Feb. 14th is the thought.

We took her swimming yesterday in a pool and she has been in many a stream. She does not jump in the pool. I toss her gently.
Great swimmer.

Jun 01, 2010
by: Michele

She is darling and it sounds as if you're doing all the right things. As far as the shivering, she's scared and just needs time to adjust to her new environment and all the new noises and smells that go along with it. You're on the right track and doing the training now will definitely reward you later.

I love Springers - I have two! Our older Springer, Casey is absolutely the best dog we have ever had. You made a good choice!

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