New Two year old Springer Spaniel bit me

by Sean Casey
(Scunthorpe Lincs )

Hi I got this lovely two yr old bitch two days ago but the previous owner didn't tell me she was on heat! We have a small male terrier as well who has been castrated but he wouldn't leave her be--he still has the idea-though they are getting on.

She is being a bit of a tart as well. The first nights I let her sleep on the bed to settle but the warning also came that she doesn't like being moved. I have moved her before and she has growls but no more than that.

On this last occasion I tried to move her, she went a bit psycho, and she bit me hard enough for a bleed. I put her out for the night with the dog in the garage and they were ok together.

We did also do a 40 mile journey with her the day before so possible she was upset at two car journeys on her first two days with us (including when we went to get her)

Is this biting going to be a big problem as my girlfriend has a nine hrs old who visits. She is greAt on lead and off youth she pulls a bit without choke. Has she been spoiled rotten pr just lack of exercise? Thank you for any ideas.

From Anna@love Springer

Hi there
This sounds like a dominance issue, she thinks she is the boss.

You need to instigate the rules of the Springer Spaniel Pack because at the moment she doesn't see you as the Springer Spaniel Pack Leader

Good luck
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Jan 27, 2012
New dogs NEW
by: Sasha

Do you have any command or action for when your dog is doing something wrong? For example when my boy is being naughty I yell "No" in a deep voice and clap my hands. This informs him that he is attempting a behalves that I do not approve of or he's doing something he shouldn't. If yes when she growls at you yell 'no' and maybe clap your hands, its a good way to break the tension.
Many dogs , but I have found with spaniels particularly, growl and get worked up and the bite is almost like a rubber band snapping, the tension snaps them. With a loud sound or a sharp command you can break that tension so that the dog doesn't reach boiling point and doesn't try to bite. If you allow her to get away with it too many times the tension becomes shorter and she'll snap more readily.

She's probably upset at you for moving her 'without her permission' as she is unsure of how you fit in with her. If she hasn't settled and calmed down in a few days I would suggest if your not doing these things already here are a few tricks that work quite well at asserting dominance back to you which will be a huge help with this problem.

Make her wait for her food, let her sit and don't let her eat until you say its ok. This may mean literally blocking her from the food and holding her back until you say something like 'ok' or 'grubs up' (whatever commands suits your fancy). If she growl or snaps then you say 'no' and take the food away, let her miss a meal. Chances are she won't do it again but if she does I can say from speaking to vets that you can safely let her miss three meals without worrying about her health and I doubt she'll continue it for that long. Also if she is possessive about toys or objects, the minute she growls you remove the object and put it away. ( even her dog bed or pillow, remember to think of it as everything in the house is yours and you are letting her use it, but if you want it back she has to give it you without a challenge). She is testing you because as far as she is concerned you told her she's the boss by letting her sleep in your bed. So especially with sleeping arrangements be very firm that she has to sleep where you put her.
I wouldn't worry too much about the dogs together, if she's OK with him pestering her then I would leave it, if it makes you uncomfortable though or you want him to stop you'll need to work on your male a bit.

And I would probably suggest for both dogs, LOTS of exercise. As much as you can manage. Terriers and springers both need a lot of exercise and will thrive under it. Take them for brisk 20 minutes- 30 minute walks at least once a day. This is another good way to practice your assertiveness by making sure they both walk next to you or behind you (don't let them pull ahead). If you can't manage that a nice jog twice a week or taking them to a park for a good run are also good options.

Let me know if this helps and if the biting continues I have a few suggestions for that as well.

Jan 05, 2012
biting springer NEW
by: Anonymous

Give her time to settle and set the rules from day one - no dogs on the bed or furniture, give them their own beds. She listens to you, and you don't back down and let her get away with anything. She is nervous and not settled - give her time but be very strict

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