Our 2.5 year old male Springer is going a bit crazy over our new baby. Help!!



We have a 2.5 year old male Springet called Strike. He's a good dog, but very hyperactive and occasionally jumps on people that come round. And he will sniff them like crazy. H normally calms down though.

We recently brought home our new baby fom the hospital. He knew something was up as was going all crazy (he had also been outside for 3.5 days on his own) do I put him in the kitchen. He calmed down and I then introduced him to our baby son. He was sniffing him a lot and very curious, but then he stopped. I thought everything was fine, but he kept on coming back to sniff and was really in his face. It was too much. He also tried to lick the baby.

I decided to take the baby into the nursery, but when I stood up Strike jumped. Didn't hurt the baby, but he could with those paws!

Also he gets very agitated when the baby cries. And when my partner is breast feeding.

When we tell him to go away he does, but we have to drag him.

Any advice??



From Anna@love-springer-spaniels

Hi there,
First how much exercise is he getting? I know its tough with a newborn but your springer still needs his exercise to keep him calm in the house.

Also has he been neutered? If not you may want to consider this to help calm him down.

As for his behaviour around the baby, it is normal (sort of) he is just a little too enthusiastic which is why I asked about his exercise. You may want to find a space in the house whic is just for him that he can go to away from the baby. Try using a stairgate so he is separated from the baby but still can see you.

Good luck

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