Our 5 year male english springer spaniel has started to growl at us?

by Lisa
(Windsor, PA)

We have a neutered 5 yr old english springer spaniel that has been with us his whole life, in fact he was born here.

Just last night he was sitting beside my husband on the couch and all of a sudden he looks my husband in the face & starts growling & wouldn't stop. My husband immediately took his hand and wrapped it around our dogs snout and put him on the floor & rolled him over to make him be submissive, but the dog continued to stare at my husband with dilated eyes.

I've NEVER seen this dog this before. I'm so heart broken over his behavior, could you shed some light on to what you think may be going on with our dog? Thank you for your help, Lisa.

From Anna@love-springer-spaniels.com

Hi Lisa
I am so sorry you are having this issue with your Springer Spaniel. I would suggest that if he is still challenging once you are trying to dominate him you should seek some expert advice, especially as he is neutered.

I am sorry I couldn't give you anything more than that, but I hope you can find a resolution to this.

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Mar 10, 2011
Rage Syndrome
by: Anonymous


Is your springer from a show line? Sounds like it could be rage syndrome. Although it is very rare it is more common in cocker spaniels and springers from show lines.

I would take him to a vet, as training can prove ineffective, as the dog usually has no recollection that it has been aggressive.


Jan 29, 2011
by: Michele

I agree with Anna. Run, don't walk to your nearest dog trainer. Your Springer has decided he is going to be the pack leader. You must stop this now before it happens again. As you know, Springers are wonderful dogs, but they also tend to think they're in charge. Your situation will only get worse without some training.

I don't want to scare you, just want you to realize how important it is to take care of this now.

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