Overweight Springer Puppy

by Shan
(Leicester, UK)

Hi, after going to the vets yesterday V was told my 11 week springer is overweight he weighs 7.1kg and looking at the rest of the litter he came from he is no fatter than any of them only taller. Is he overweight???? also what is the best food he is very energetic at the moment



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Dec 31, 2011
overweight springers NEW
by: Anonymous

Springers, like humans vary in their size, so a single weight quote does not say very much on its own, even alongside its age. Unfortunately, many dogs in the UK (including puppies) are overweight. Just like us humans, they are living in an obesiogenic environment. And just like us humans, there is no magic formula for a healthy weight - fuel in against fuel used. The feeding guidelines given by each feed brand are just that - guidelines - and need to be interpreted according to the amount of exercise your individual dog does each day. Springer spaniels are working dogs and nature's 'duracells' - they go on and on - and can easily run up to 25 miles a day and still look fresh. So, what you think is a lot of exercise may not, in truth, be that much for a springer. This is ok, just as long as their feed is adjusted to their level of exercise. The vet has seen and examined your dog, no one who adds to this blog has! Therefore, I would strongly advise that you accept your vet's judgement and adjust your pup's feeding program before the problem gets bigger, more entrenched and ultimately more expensive to solve. I always think it is really sad to see an overweight springer - they are at their best when they are fit and lean and able to spring through life to the max. However, as a breed, they are notoriously greedy, indiscriminate eaters but over feeding them is a false love. Enjoy your puppy, springers are the best dogs in the world.

Dec 24, 2011
how many pounds is that NEW

Some are always gonna be bigger than rest

Dec 15, 2011
Overweight Springer NEW
by: Anonymous

If you can feel the dog's ribs without pressure but can't see them through its fur then you're about right. That's the rule of thumb we use. Also we feed Arden Grange dry food Performance cut with Lamb or Chicken during the season and we hold back on Performance during closed season. They're great at Arden Grange for advice. I find my dogs burn off more weight when they're active in body AND mind. Good luck.

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